Forever with Doubt

Forever with Doubt

well, this was one i wrote last year, just found the folder to it. been a while.

published on November 11, 201312 reads 8 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Forever with doubt

forever with doubt
i'm out on the street
lacking the strength
to stand on my feet
little by little
im fading away
im here one moment
and gone to next day
leave it behind
just let it go
your mind may say yes
but your heart will say no
falling, falling
to inevitable fate
i die out of love
due to an act full of hate
so forever i go
heart full of doubt
knowing theres nobody
who can hear my hearts sound
nobody else
who knows who i am
nobody else
sees like you can
i'll die in your arms
if you'd die in mine
and i'd hold you close
until the end of all time
and whenever i'd hear
the sound of your name
i'd put on a smile
but i cant hide the pain
so belive me now
for what i say is true
for now and forever,
my love is for you
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Comments (3)

yeah, all my poems, this is how i express myself along with art and asking questions. if im not out doing the normal field work (cutting trees, plowing fields, normal teen boy stuff) i just sit back and write these on this sight
on November 14, 2013
This is really good. You wrote this yourself?
on November 13, 2013
on November 13, 2013