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Warriors: Jingo's Last Hope (1)
Jingo is a rouge who was tormented by Sol before the Clan cats came, looking for Midnight. The Clan cats had continued on their quest to the sun-drown place, leaving Jingo and her cats behind. After a few moons, one of the roug...
44 reads 22 readers 3 by Kisume
Life is perfect. Shining lights, pretty people, perfect clothes, beautiful houses. But when the sky cracks and the Warden comes, we all must break into an act. Why is this? No one knows. What will happen if I stray from the anc...
45 reads 24 readers 13 by Kisume
Song of Healing
A song about a rebellious young heart who wants more than she can handle.
60 reads 35 readers 20 by Kisume
Code of the Council
Sadie lives in a strict world where anyone who lived in the Lost Times is shipped to the Outlands. She soon learns that life was not always this way, and its up to her and her brother Alex to make things right.
58 reads 19 readers 17 by Kisume
Heather is an 16 year old girl who just moved from Georgia. As she starts a new school, she makes three unlikely friends. When the Fall Festival comes along, Candy, Coraline, and Tracy want to repay the favor by finding Heather...
278 reads 40 readers 55 by Kisume
A Heart of the Wrong Color: Angel Bunny's Backstory
Have you ever wondered why Discord and Fluttershy are such good friends? No, it's not only because she's kind: they've met before. After Fluttershy moves to Ponyville, she is very lonely and has no friends. But when an unexpect...
33 reads 20 readers 6 by Kisume
Answers to "Tag Game!"
So recently Twilight__Sparkle created a "Tag Game" story (check it out if you haven't already) and i was tagged! I feel so honored!!! Anyway ENJOY!
46 reads 24 readers 12 profile storyby Kisume
My Friends And Followers
Anyone who's my friend or follower here!!!! I love all of you qfeasters!!!
33 reads 20 readers 9 profile storyby Kisume
Zecora's New Potion
Zecora makes a new potion by the recipe of an old book she finds in a secret room of her house. It is suppose to make a clone of the drinker, and Rainbow Dash volunteers. She gets cloned, and everything is going well... or is it?
27 reads 19 readers 4 profile storyby Kisume