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A Little Bit of...
A little bit of normal... A little bit of crazy... A little bit of Gjinka... A little bit of forest... A little bit of magic! Hai! This is the book that I'm adding y'all's OCs from the question "Volunteers" (I'm always open for...
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In my mind (Book one)
Zombies And Bullets And Drama OH MY! (XD I <3 Wizard of Oz) We're in Zombie High! (If u don't know wut that is I suggest you get the FREE app! [In app purchases] No purchase NECESSARY kuz u can earn the coins to unlock all the ...
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In my mind (prolouge) Yeah I have enough info for a prolouge.
Hiya. I know I have a lot of books floating out there but this one is actually about... Well me in a way. Not me irl but me in my mind. Since I have been in my mind for years ;P I'm just gonna use this book to try and tell you ...
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Custom Creepypastas
If you don't know what creepypastas are you should look it up on google. Anyways this is all Creepypastas that I made and each Creepypasta has one chapter and a pic. Btw you can comment with creepypasta suggestions or answer m...
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Pieces of me
WIP in this book i will be making one chapter at a time and adding more every chance i get.
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My other side
This is a story about a girl that has some serious personality issues and has a tendency to stab people for no reason
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Will you play with me?
This is a book about a really creepy doll and her toy girl, oh wait. Umm... A really creepy girl and her toy doll...
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Horror high
It is a perfectly good school... On the outside. You can be anything... In your dreams... The students sleep forever in here... Bloody, broken, that is, until Sakura came
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