Custom Creepypastas

Custom Creepypastas

If you don't know what creepypastas are you should look it up on google. Anyways this is all Creepypastas that I made and each Creepypasta has one chapter and a pic. Btw you can comment with creepypasta suggestions or answer my question, "Creepypasta suggestions" Also all of these are MADE UP! Except one is a... Well *slightly* based on real events. I am not crazy I just have a great imagination. Also haters gonna hate and I'm gonna ignore. These are mine and not based off of anyone elses story. Sorry if you think I stole it from somewhere but unless I say I copied it from somewhere I didn't copy it. Thanks.

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Chapter 1.


Addie died brutally when her stepfather threw her into a mirror then stabbed her with the broken glass. She had a great childhood! *extremely sarcastic* Her father died under "questionable sircumstances" AKA Her father was murdered in a way the police couldn't explain. This is not based on anything I was just bored and I saw a cool pic of a creepy girl in a mirror
Addie's full name is Adelaide and she is a ghost. She haunts her old house where she died. Her stepfather was found dead in the attic a week later. In front of a mirror. Covered in stab wounds. Addie's mother moved out the next day and since then several people have lived in that house. And died in that house. It was always the same. In front of a mirror covered in stab wounds. About a year after Addie died and killed 3 families the police banned anyone from ever living there. But about twice a year or so a group of reckless teenagers go in the house and taunt Addie. They die faster than a bug in a spiderweb. When the spider is home. Occasionally one or two will survive but only because they bolt as soon as the first person dies or they have the good sense to avoid the mirrors. Also Addie is always covered in blood. Because, y'know she was stabbed to death. Addie actually went to the neighbor's house and killed the abusive father. Kuz she kind of holds a grudge against abusive parents. Especially stepdads. Evil sonofabitch that killed her is to blame. Addie was nine btw and she haunts that house to this day...
Hope you enjoyed the FICTIONAL story of Adelaide the girl in the mirror! See you next Pasta!
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