In my mind (prolouge) Yeah I have enough info for a prolouge.

Hiya. I know I have a lot of books floating out there but this one is actually about... Well me in a way. Not me irl but me in my mind. Since I have been in my mind for years ;P I'm just gonna use this book to try and tell you how I got my gadgets and why I'm a b***ch to everyone after this (and after dark) >:) anyways enjoy! This is a series.

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Chapter 1.

Explaining the aging process and what I do

I start my age in each universe where I left off in my home universe and age individually from there. Like I can be 30 in Yilesse and 16 in SAO but 12 in my Homeworld.

What I do:
I jump into movies TV shows Games Books ect and change things. (Very small things now. More on that in a dif chapter)
Also I make friends and... Erm... On to another subject! Oh none more? On to the book!
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