In my mind (Book one)

In my mind (Book one)

Zombies And Bullets And Drama OH MY! (XD I <3 Wizard of Oz) We're in Zombie High! (If u don't know wut that is I suggest you get the FREE app! [In app purchases] No purchase NECESSARY kuz u can earn the coins to unlock all the books! And you can reread/play them as much as u want!) Okay promise fufilled. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Zeta High

Hello. I don't know if you've heard of me. If you're certain people I hope you haven't. But anyways this is the log of what happened while I was in this place...

I walked to my locker keeping to myself when I spotted Jane Valentine. Then I sighed and thought (I thought this was gonna be a normal school...) Never expect that wher you're me. You're just gonna be let down. (Follow her) I silently ordered myself and I followed her. Discreetly. I silently thanked God that we were in the same classes. I thanked Him again when the teacher never called on me so I could recall what was gonna happen. In detail. I was gonna stop most of the bloodshed from happening. Definitely. Yeah Ik I said minor changes but that me was lying. (Sorry!) *eyeroll* Anyways to skip the boring school crap I listened in and blah blah blah now I'm here.
Tommy was talking to Jane, Chase. Val and the others who were just about to leave when I stepped out of the shadows. I scared Val and she shot me in the arm. "Oww! Jesus! You maniac! Be more f*cking careful!" I shouted as I healed my wounds. "Did that VM just talk?" Val asked "I'M NOT A F*CKING VM!" I explode in rage. I'd had a bad day. "Oh I am SO sorry!" Val apologises "It's fine I guess but damn..." I say as I finish healing "Did you just heal your wounds?" Val asks "No. I just bandaged it with camouflage and sh*t" I reply and then start walking. We arrived at a lab I 'couldn't' heal Dana, Tommy's gf but I put her out of her misery and then we almost got arrested and I laughed so hard in my head I thought it might explode. JANE IS A GREAT ACTRESS! Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!
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