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Hamtaro little hamster big adventures
Hamtaro is a little hamster who love adventures, he meet new friends while he move to a new town. One day Hamtaro get lost when Laura go to a field trip, Hamtaro need to do everything he can to survive by himself.
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Pokemon Titanic's awakening
Ash and his pikachu go on a journey to griffintin city in there they meet new people, everything changed when pikachu started acting very strange running away from ash. Then all the pokemon begin to run away from their trainers...
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The werewolf
This is a story about Dean who is ten years old, Dean love to play basketball, but he doesn't have any friends he can play with. One day his cousin Mike came to town to visit him and see how Dean is doing, then strange things s...
117 reads 31 readers 7 by Jaytheangel
The legend of Spyro
This is a story about a little boy named shawn who find a dragon egg close to the beach. Shawn took the responsibility to raise Spyro both became best friends since that day those two never stop loving each other like good frie...
55 reads 8 readers 4 by Jaytheangel
The dangerous circle
This story is about two friends named Jay and Tobias since they were kids they like to play finding objects, one day Tobias found an old magical book that contain black magic he asked Jay to help him open it because the book ha...
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The twin brothers
This is a story about two brothers who were separated when they were babies, the two brothers grew with different names, but one day the two brothers find each other going at the same school and since that day they begin to que...
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The red moon
Wanda is a girl who loves to party a lot she doesn't like people tell her what to do. She is very stuck up and like to humiliate people in front of her friends, she doesn't care to attende to school she just love to call people...
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The haunted house
This story is about a boy named Gregory who moves to a new house together with his family. Everything begun when the family spend the first night in their new home, they start hearing noises, screaming, things moving around, an...
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Angelis the goddess of beyblades
Angelis a 8 years old was chose to be the new goddess of beyblades. One night she was send to earth to complete her mission to stop Nemesis revival and the destruction of earth. Then she meet Gingka and his friends, but she don...
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