Hamtaro little hamster big adventures

Hamtaro little hamster big adventures

Hamtaro is a little hamster who love adventures, he meet new friends while he move to a new town. One day Hamtaro get lost when Laura go to a field trip, Hamtaro need to do everything he can to survive by himself.

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Chapter 1.
Laura took Hamtaro to a field trip

Laura took Hamtaro to a field trip

Laura took Hamtaro to the school field trip because she want Hamtaro pass a wonderful day. Laura's friend said "hey Laura are you sure you want to take Hamtaro to the school field trip?" Laura responded "of course I want Hamtaro have some fun he always get bored inside his cage and he always play with his wheel" Laura's friend exclaimed "you have to be careful remember Hamtaro is small ang he can get lost easily" Laura replied "stop it don't bring the bad luck here please" Laura's friend answered "okay I'm sorry Laura to say that" Laura told her "please Mina don't say that again". Laura get angry with Mina because she say something a little rude, but in the other hand Mina was right about that Hamtaro can get lost any moment. Laura saw a lot of sun flowers in a beautiful garden she said "look Hamtaro, look those beautiful sun flowers" Mina replied "why you talk to Hamtaro?" Laura responded "Hamtaro can hear me even if the people don't believe it" Mina said "don't be a fool Laura he is a hamster he can't understand what you're saying" Laura exclaimed "don't call me fool Mina, you know what I don't want to be your friend anymore" Mina responded "what??? I'm your only best friend, what are you going to do without me tell me Laura?" Laura replied "I'm okay without you Mina you never being a good friend after all". Mina tried to say something to Laura, but she decided not to listen to her Laura prefer to be with Hamtaro than wasting her time with Mina.
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