The haunted house

The haunted house

This story is about a boy named Gregory who moves to a new house together with his family. Everything begun when the family spend the first night in their new home, they start hearing noises, screaming, things moving around, and they start seeing ghost. The family doesn't know what to do with the house and decide to call a church's father to stop the bad ghosts in their home.

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Chapter 1.
Gregory moves to a new house

Gregory moves to a new house

Gregory moves to a new house he feel like he doesn't belong there, Gregory went out of the car he saw the house and he exclaimed "this house is horrible, this neighborhood is horrible, including the people", his sister replied to him "stop wining this house is perfect, mom and dad buy this house to live here because they change their work for a better one so be thankful that they decide to bring you here". Gregory got so mad to his sister that he hit her in her arm they start to fight their parents get in their way to stop them because they were hurting each other. Gregory and his sister Rosanna stop fighting, but they decide not to talk to each other each one help their parents with the stuff of the house. It pass many hours everybody finish to fix the house, they were so tired to keep go on with something else Gregory pick his room, his sister pick her room, their parents got the best room of the house Gregory feel strange because the house got many room, but they are only four people is weird to think that one house got many room with just few people. Night fall Gregory was listening music in his computer than he heard someone knocking the door of his room he open it, but there was no body he closed the door then he heard the knocking again he open the door one more time there still no body. He exclaimed "I bet is my sister Rosanna knocking my door, okay Rosanna I know is you that one who is knocking my door so stop doing it do you hear me", Gregory closed the door he turn off his computer and went to sleep in a moment he heard someone running on the hallways like crazy he wake up right away without thinking he opened the door, but there wasn't nobody on the hallways running he replied "one more noise Rosanna and you going to get in trouble with mom and dad". Gregory was tired of opening the door and closed it so he go back to sleep when he was closing his eyes he feel like his bed was moving in a second he wake up his bed was really moving like an earthquake he doesn't think he started yelling "mom, dad, Rosanna my bed is moving!!!" His parents wake up very scared and Rosanna too they went to his room, but before they open the door the bed stop moving. Gregory's mom replied "what happened?" , then his father "are you okay?", Rosanna "probably he wet his bed hahaha" Gregory exclaimed "my bed was moving by itself, but before that I heard some noises coming fron the hallway and no I didn't wet my bed weird girl" Rosanna replied "stop lying no body was on the hallway is almost 3:00 am in the morning so stop screaming like a baby" Gregory exclaimed "mom I swear my bed was moving did you believe mom, dad, and you weird girl? His mom replied "Gregory please stop maybe you got a bad dream thinking that your bed is moving so go back to sleep we talked about this tomorrow morning" his dad says "stop watching scary movies at the middle of the night okay see you tomorrow good night" Rosanna replied "good job small brain you did mom and dad get mad at you boooo booo a ghost hahahaha stop with your fantasy is too lame and old good bye" Gregory exclaimed "I'm telling the truth there are something weird in this house". No body pay attention to Gregory they though that he was imaging things that everything was in his head.
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I'm scared this is great
on July 17, 2013