Angelis the goddess of beyblades

Angelis the goddess of beyblades

Angelis a 8 years old was chose to be the new goddess of beyblades. One night she was send to earth to complete her mission to stop Nemesis revival and the destruction of earth. Then she meet Gingka and his friends, but she don't know there are many bad guys after her when they discover that she is the GODDESS OF BEYBLADEs.

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Chapter 1.
Angelis's arrive

Angelis's arrive

Far away from earth a new life were born in the heavens they call her angelis the new goddess who will protec the earth and all human race. The gods and goddesses send angelis to earth to stop nemesis revival, angelis appear close to abandon house with no memory she wake up very desperate and scared because she can't remember who she is. Gingka and his friends was training outside with their beyblades, Gingka decided to train by himself a little away from his friends. Gingka was training with his bey named "Pegasus" he throw Pegasus so hard that Pegasus end up flying away from him, he start screaming "oh no Pegasus", Pegasus end up close to the abandon house where angelis is. Angelis saw the bey on the ground she pick up the bey, then she feel a mysterious power inside the bey that start calling her, she got scared thinking that the bey couldn't possible calling her without knowing her. Gingka was very desperate he exclaimed "where's Pegasus I got to find him before it gets dark and pronto". Angelis was watching the bey very carefully she exclaimed "why I feel this strange power calling me, why I can't remember who am I, and where am I. Angelis was very confused thinking what is the purpose or meaning that she feels so strange when she grab the bey in her hands later Gingka appears and saw angelis with his bey Pegasus, he get close to her telling her that the bey belongs to him. She replied "how I know this bey belongs to you it doesn't even have your name on it? Tell me stranger?" Gingka exclaimed "it's true that bey belongs to me even if you don't believe me", angelis think that Gingka was lying, but then she heard a voice that come from Gingka's bey saying "please angelis believe in Gingka he is my best friend we always fight against the enemies to stop hurting people and the destruction of the earth." Angelis was so surprise she can hear Gingka's bey talking to her, but then Gingka replied "hey little girl are you ok?", you look like you see a ghost" angelis replied to Gingka "I'm sorry I grab your bey I didn't know it belongs to someone, I hope you forgive me for my behave, you can have your bey back" Gingka say to angelis "oh thank you thank you I was looking for him, but thanks to you I have my bey back, any way what's your name little girl? Angelis replied "my name? I don't remember my name, I'm sorry I don't know my name" angelis was so sad because she doesn't remember her name and Gingka was so confuse that she can't remember her name. Gingka say "come with me maybe my father can help you to remember who you are or find your parents" angelis wasn't so sure to go with Gingka, but she heard the voice again exclaiming "angelis go with Gingka he is a good person, he can help you to restore your memories, and find your parents please go with him he is not going to hurt you please go with him" angelis replied to Gingka "okay I'm going with you" Gingka was so happy that angelis finally decide to go with him to get some treatment and discover how she get there or how she lost her memory.
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