The red moon

The red moon

Wanda is a girl who loves to party a lot she doesn't like people tell her what to do. She is very stuck up and like to humiliate people in front of her friends, she doesn't care to attende to school she just love to call people by awful names. One day a strange girl came to town this girl teach Wanda a big lesson that she need to stop being so mean with the people.

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Chapter 1.
Wanda the stuck up girl of the block

Wanda the stuck up girl of the block

Wanda is the stuck up girl of the whole block she got friends stuck up like her, she doesn't respect no body she like to humiliate people like they're not worth it. Wanda was with her friends talking about the new shoes that came out like 2 days ago Wanda exclaimed "girls I'm going to buy the new shoes that came out 2 days ago and no body from this school going to have it first than me" all her friends replied "of course you're going to be the one who's going to have those shoes no body else". They were talking until the bell ring everybody go to their class and Wanda take her seat, but she start using her iPhone in class the teacher saw her and took her iPhone away she got so mad that she slap the teacher in front of the class. Everybody was surprised because Wanda slap the teacher with no remorse her teacher grab her and take to the principal, the principle exclaimed "what did you do now Wanda?" Wanda replied "this woman took my iPhone and I want it back" the teacher says "she can be in this school anymore she slap me in front of the class, she doesn't respect nobody not even herself" Wanda replied "you don't know me lady I'm so cool and beautiful to be in this awful school with people like you". Wanda doesn't measure her words the teacher wasn't surprised because she knows Wanda is a bad girl that need to learn respect somehow.  The principal suspended Wanda for three days, but her teacher wasn't so happy because she knows that Wanda coming back with her attitude and she will start with her bad things she always do. Wanda went to her class everybody sees her asking her many questions she respond "don't worry guys I'll be back powerful than ever" Wanda left the classroom, but before she left she saw her teacher Wanda exclaimed "maybe you win the battle, but no the war I"ll be back and you going to pay for what you done" the teacher replied "you are a bad girl I wish someone teaches you the value of life because you are empty for inside" Wanda exclaimed "hahahahahaha who is going to teach me you hahahaha" Wanda left laughing like the teacher say something fun, but when she left the teacher says something "I wish someone teach her how to be good". Wanda went to her house she seat on her cough she turn the t.v and her mother sees her and asked her "why you are not in the school taking classes?" Wanda says "I'm tired to be in the school so I decide to get out early" her mother replied "you can't get out early of the school what do you done now?" Wanda exclaimed "like I say mom I got bored and decide to come home so can you please stop acting weird I swear I didn't do anything" her mom replied "I hope you don't do something bad because your father will be ashamed of you" Wanda says "yeah yeah yeah whatever mom" Wanda decided to go to her room because she was tired of listening her mother and her worries.
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