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Astrology Talk w/ Vanna.
I wanted to make a page like this for so long. I didn’t really know where to start and starting a blog or vlog would be basic and nobody would really enjoy it. So here’s this.
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DIYs I made for no reason bc I was bored
These are some DIYs i made/make for no reason when I'm grounded so prepare for alot of random DIYs
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kermit the frog
I GOT A TOY KERMIT so i'm taking pics of him being sad and posting them bc i'm a fckn sadist so YAY KERMIT
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Reddit Cringe
Reddit is one hell of a website my dudes. One trip is all it takes to scar you for life.
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2:AM Thoughts
You know those random, stupid, sometimes groundbreaking thoughts that pop into your mind when you’re super tired? Share them here.
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pics of me
yep i'm making this shit again bc i take so many selfies and i need to post them somewhere so i can purge my computer
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Some art and some tips
Whoa is this art? The answer is yes. I prob won't maintain the page but whoa you get A R T. Also have some art tips I've learned along the way ; )
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that's it. art. my art. no one else's. yum. ding dong. i like eggs. yummy yummy.
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Let my followers decide
I'll let u guys pick my stuff for a week so don't tortue meh plz I tried to make it cute!
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Alternative Medicines
I’m really into essential oils and herbal medicine and the practice of incense, so I decided to put notes and stuff here. This is an actual serious learning page, so come learn with me, if you want!
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Seg's Art page Pt.2
THIS IS THE NEW ART PAGE. My previous one is cringy and old. So why not start a new one! So yeah. I might put sneakpeaks in there too. Who knows 😉. But Im just going to leave this here. Enjoy. I guess.
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I love my friends
a page for appreciating your friends! what do ya do? simple! just write down what you love about them, what they could work on, and how dorky/nerdy they are! Simple Silly Fun!
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Tater's art i guess
I do both digital and traditional, maybe painting (if I’m not being extremely lazy), but take note that most of the time, I will have art requests open. <3
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Stop offensive stuff
We need to stop people who say bad things about ways people live their lives. They're people too.
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If u are flexible join me in creepy flexible things! I'm super flexible!
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Awesome contacts
I saw some Black Butler contacts and was like 'whoooa' so I made a page for this so I can post a lot of contacts XD
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Handy reaction images
Exactly what it says on the tin. Useful images to use when replying in text form just isn't enough.
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Daily photos!
Please take a photo and post it or like a photo on this page and the one with the most points at the end of the month gets a shout-out or a follow if I have done it already feel free to try again!
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Supernatural camp
Alright so you'll have to resubmit other characters here because since because I'm logged out in my other profile
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Pick up lines
I kinda want to see what everyone can come up with. anything is acceptable, regardless how weird it is.
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