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The Writers Page!
Hey.. are you a writer that has recently wrote a story and you want people to read it or do you want to discuss your favourite author's books? Anything to do with writing is aproved here! I ♥ Writing! :)
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Qfeast Advertisements
Want to advertise your story, question, quiz or page? Post the URL here! This page is for advertisements for qfeast. THIS IS NOT A OFFICIAL QFEAST PAGE. Please do not advertise anything sexual or rude.
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Friend Page!
I am new. well I joined yesterday. 9/6/13. and if you are reading this after 9/7/13 I'm not really that new anymore. my first friend official was Gisselle that's her username. I don't know if that's how you spell it b...
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Teen quotes!!
Who has evr gone on facebook, twitter tumblr or google whatever, and seen a teen quote that they could really relate to? C'mon, I've seen sooo much. Post ur fave or best teen quotes here, or even da funniest x I'm also making ...
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RBR member count!
So, yeah - I was wondering how big mine, earthy and potter's group had got! From what I can tell it's pretty big! I remember when it was just earth707, me and potterpox. Then tornado1916, Hannapower ( :( ) and some others joine...
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RBR chat members
So this is for the RBRs who were in the first RBR chat. E.g tornado1916, hannapower (if she comes back ;( cry) backtohumans ... ok thanks and bye!!
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The Official RBR page!
This is where ALL RBR's chat and NO HATERS at all are allowed on it!!! ZERO!! So yeah...A list of the RBRs, please comment if for some reason your name is not on here! Clove Potterpox HermioneSJM DJearworm Grace123 Earth707 T...
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Official RBR page!
Hey RBR's... Welcome to the official RBR page! We've been waiting for pages FOR AGES and now they've finally come! C'mon RBR's... join, join, join!!
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RBR's Spike's style!
This page is a lot like RBR'S but it's in my version of it. Talk about things here that you have a prob with and after we fix up that Hater....WE PARTAY! The page is serious but also fun at the same time. All original RBR'S can...
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R.B.R official page!!
This is the official R.B.R page!!!! we will stop haters and eat loads of choclate! LLAMA LLAMA I LIKE TRAINS!!! YAYAYAY! woo! CHOCOLATE WORRLLLDDD!!!
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Just kidding
You know in my first page it said I was nine well i'm actually 29 and my name is not actually clarisse williams its kelly clarkson!:)
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So, I'm guessing pretty much ALL of you know what facebook is. Basically, this is a mini one - without as many features. It's for under thirteens or people who don't have facebook and want one. :)
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Ally's page of awesome
This is for my friend ally, as a thank you and hello. Ally doesn't need haters, so if all you want to do is hate, GO AWAY.
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The Homework Helpers!
Hey! Do you have tons of homework that you need help with?? Well, you've come to the right place! If you need help with homework or you would like to help people do to their homework, then this page is for you! A reply will usu...
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this page is for any directioner.... that lives on earth and loves one direction with a raging burning passion!!!!
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Help stop bullying today!
This is Beauty784 and directioner.styles. We are making this page so that there will be an end to bullying. We will be posting links, be posting updates, advice, etc. Whether you want to stop bullying or you are being bullied, ...
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For all the Directioners
For all the directioners out there you should read this for all the latest updates on our boys one direction!Niall Horan in a soccer jersey is just as adorable as you'd imagine.During their Twitter q&a session, Liam Payne, Nial...
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Let's Chat Page :D
Let's Chat Page is a page where you can all chat on this page and follow other people if you want too and now let the Chatting begin!!! :D
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Little Mix fanclub
Are u a little mix fan? If u are then this is a great club for u. Here i will put up songs and u can comment on them!!
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One Direction News and Club
if u love the heartthrobs of one direction want to know more about them, their music,and their tour schedule join now for one direction facts an premires
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