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For The Love of a Daughter
Harry Styles and old girlfriend Nikki Lloyd will do anything for the love of a daughter Harry never new he had... until now.
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Hi my name is April. Everyone thinks I'm perfect, but reality check, I'm not. At school I may seem like the popular girl, but at home... My dad abuses me. No one but my best friend knows. So, when I try to commit suicide... Wha...
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This is just a short story. I don't think it's really a story, but just read it, you'll be glad you did.
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1D One-shots
This is going to be a bunch of Oneshots for people. Comment what you think or if you want one.
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Are YOU Against Bullying
Read if you care, have been bullied or are a bully.Well, this topic has been going around at school. So I decided to make a short story about it.
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No one expected THIS
This story is 100% true. It is all happening as of 4/11/13. No one knew this would happen and no one expected this.
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I can read your mind
I need you to follow the steps below. You can use a calculator to make it easier.
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Just Quotes
I'm gonna start posting quotes on here. You can comment your own and i'll give you the credit. I will post 10 per story. I will try to post a new one every day. Except on weekends.
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