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Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky
a whole new point of view to pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of the sky! (this story will be somewhat based off of the game but not the storyline to the game)
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Soul music
this is kind of like a personality story this might follow the order of my friends and followers story i will post a monstercat song (link to youtube) that just describes the person like if its a jumpy upbeat dance to it song y...
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My experiences in real life!
ill tell you guys about what happens in my school life sometimes at home I think you guys will enjoy this story :D
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A 13 year old kid named mark walks through the world of dreams, every night he dreams a continuation to the previous dreams he has had last year he went into a coma for an unknown reason but that time he had the most realistic ...
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my friends and followers (1)
a story with some of my friends and followers that are special to me like my bff's etc.
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Whispering Ann
This is my version of a creepy pasta whispering Ann Jeff the killers long lost sister that was in the hospital when jeff got burned the day of the unwrapping of jeffs cloth he saw his face and all that was the day that jeffs mo...
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Video Game High School
Three friends go to a high school in north californa to do what they love study pc gaming, graphic, design, figure out team strategies in multiplayer games, and studying ALL ABOUT GAMES
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