My experiences in real life!

My experiences in real life!

ill tell you guys about what happens in my school life sometimes at home I think you guys will enjoy this story :D

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Chapter 1.
2/22/14 my saturday

2/22/14 my saturday

so today I slept until it was 12:00 (a.m.) and then after that I got on qfeast for like 5 mins and then I had to get off and do chores of couse it was kind of hard because I bruised my knee (on a tendon) pretty badly to where I had to limp around so I did that and at about 3:00 (p.m.) my family and I (mom dad and I) went to my school because my sister was performing there for a choir thing called circle the state with song and there was a lot of red shirts on stage and they did really good in my opininon my favorite song was Antonio (it was about a guy that couldnt get a girl) any way after that was done well now im back home on qfeast and I don't know what will happen next its 6:30 right now so ill probably wright more on it tonight but anyway right now im home with my sis while my mom and dad are going to look at a pool table and hopefully get it!! but any way ya that was about half of my Saturday and ya cya in abit stars stay awesome! ok its 9:30 now and I didn't get the pool table *sad face* but my friends came over for a little bit I spent some time with them after that I played minecraft for an hour or so and listened to monstercat dubstep and after that im typing on qfeast so not much happened since I last typed on this story so ya by stars stay awesome!
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