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The Airhead Army!  T.A.A!
This is the as echo101 calls it the "airhead army" its official now echo TAKE THAT! so now that its created lets talk about the ranks Generals/leaders Myself and Celest_Stories privates/commanders Quartz_Mudkip and Parabolic ...
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just a page for people who love pokemon lets roleplay together lets talk about our favorite pokemon lets have fun!
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Page for artists!
I loooove to draw and people who join this page I hope you like to draw to ! lets talk about what you like to draw how you do it and why you love it so much!
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The hangout
just talk about random crap here something or other you can talk about we can talk about anime chibis pokemon just about anything and personally I will upload chibis from my stories her and I will give updates on my stories on ...
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