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  • PKMN!ANIME!DRAWING/ART!MINECRAFT!GAMER!NERD!MUSIC!COMEDY! I god, I have a few friends on here my irl friends are : Celest_Stories Quatrz_Elf Chuzzyo mistassassin and BaconBits
    Qfeast friends that i know only on Qfeast: Akane Parabolic and Elleyd anyway thats about it anyway I think im a pretty funny guy and I become friends with people very easily if you wanna be my friend just ask! Some of my main pokemon are: Frost (my shiny mew) Shadow (my absol) and finally Aqua (my lugia). I also love to RP. Anyway if you didnt get bored reading this then you must be pretty cool anyway thanks for stopping by
    Thanks love you all! -Dark
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