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My Thoughts To The Haters And Bullies Of The World.
These are my thoughts to the haters and bullies of the world. I wrote this poem today and it might not be a really great poem but this is my honest thoughts and I want to put an end to bullying and hating. I want this poem to m...
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after trying to take over the earth loki has been brought home and not to his punishment choosen by Odin
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so close
altair has a big war fighting for his right to still live and save his family
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Asgardain forbitted love
YAOI DON'T LIKE IT DONT READ THIS THANKS thor and loki are going thought bad times against the frostgaints after awhile loki starts to have nightmares that just might kill him.
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I have died everyday
Lily doesn't know what to do her mother and father died and a plane crash but she just might find somebody to trust and fall into.
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Last Days of my life 2
Nick,Ellis,Rochelle and coach are now going though harder times this is the same thing about last days of my life i just didnt finish so heres the rest
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last days of my life
Ellis,Nick,Rochelle, and coach are the last people on earth. With their team the might just make it to a town or one of them might turn.
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