last days of my life

last days of my life

Ellis,Nick,Rochelle, and coach are the last people on earth. With their team the might just make it to a town or one of them might turn.

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Chapter 1.
Saved by the life

Saved by the life

There we were in the middle of a zombie fight. I had a feel everything was going be alright .Not. all I saw was a blear before my back hit a tree a we stop a giant arm wrapped around me “help charger’s got me”. Nick ran up shoot hard and strong “hang on Ellis I’m coming”  .8 bolts left nick’s gun and hit the charger I fell to the ground I open my eyes to see nicks hand right in front of my face I slammed my hand down so he could pull me up.  “Thanks Nick” I said I knew I was hurt but acted like I wasn’t and I guess that proved how well nick knows me “Ellis  hold still I’m going to heal you” . “hey guys I think I see a light that we can signel help” Rochelle said swing the axe in her arms to kill one last zombie. Once nick was done helping me I felt special, after all he liked me more than anybody else here. “great then lets get moving before than happened again!” coach said. I smiled at nick as he handed me my old gun. Nick’s smile was just so sweet after all I did like him he’s my buddy. I hope if i die he wont forget me but right now i must stay strong and not thing about this type of stuff. Losing my family was enough but if i become real good friends with these guys it will hurt me when they die i must stay fouced.
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fun story ;) Full of suspense >:)
on April 29, 2013