so close

so close

altair has a big war fighting for his right to still live and save his family

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Chapter 1.


I put my hood up and loaded my bow wating for him was boring. "altair' malik yelled jumped though the door "the templars have broken our gates!" i smiled hiding my eyes "i can hold them of intill sunset get everybody you can to safety" i walked passed him barely hitting his left shoulder. "but altair wait you can't hold them all off can you"malik qeustioned. i laughed a little "of corse i can't" then left as soon as my foot left the safety of my home i could see men dieing, fighting, and helping others. All i needed to do was destory their cannons and find the leader. I held my bow in my left hand and got low hinding behind bushes and house sniping people with a bow. When i saw him the leader son i had a feeling down in my gut to attack him and leave the cannons to the others, which i had to amit it was a good reason. I ran out and takled him to get a good start at the fight holding his hands down some how he was able to kick my in the gut, pushing my back. He stood above me and i kicking my feet to get up, now i stood face to face my heart racing, so many stories about him, like that he never loses but i have never either. I did a quick swing knocking him to his feet i pinned him with to throwing knives. "ha finally now to see who you really are" i said he kept fighting me by trying to bit me or shaking his head back-n-forth. I torn back his hood "oh wait your a..' i started "i know please don't tell my father" she said. My heart stopped for a second she was amazing long brown hair braide to the top of her head and prue blue eyes that set my heart to ice. "now get off" she growled kicking me back, before i could get to my feet she send a throwing knife that cut my left side right bellow my eye. "and i thought you were altair the one to never lose"she smiled and walked off pulling her hood back up. Malik came running over to me "come on javert needs you outside the town now." i patted his arm away from trying to pull me up. "ohhh man i love that chick" i smiled as i stood up
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