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Does anybody what to rp?
ok just wondering if anybody wants to rp with me on kik? it can be about anything that we both know about just send me a text or something at Loki.of.lies ~thanks, Assassin~
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who loves nightcore?
how likes or loves nightcore?
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who loves anime shows?
i love soul eater and so on what do you like?
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what's your favorite band or singer?
what's your favorite people?
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who better Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore?
which one is hotter? stefan left and damon is right
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whats your favorite one direction song?
which one from any album
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Whats your favorite super hero movie or movies?
iron man ironman2 thor batman superman spiderman captain america hulk or so on
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who's your favorite one direction?
is it Liam,Louis, Niall, Zayn, or Harry!! :)
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who's your favorite avenger?
tell us who ur favorite avenger is! :D
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