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The Geek Recalls
This is basically a sort of newspaper for the geek world! I'll be releasing it twice a year, once in the middle and once at the end of the year! The geek is strong with this one!
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The Idiot's Guide to Fangirls
This is a helpful guide written by a learned fangirl on how to identify find numerous types of fangirls. Just to be clear, I'm probably going to be doing this just from experience in a fandom, but I'll do requests if I can. Tha...
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Dragons of Krimarta: Chaaracter Bios
This is just a little storage place for me to keep my ideas for my characters. I hope you like them!
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Warriors: The Rise of Adderstar
Times seem peaceful for the forest cats, and with the arrival of newleaf, the Clans are getting a fresh start after the grizzly leaf-bare. However, one cat believes that this newleaf will come with more than just replenished pr...
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Return to the Park
Six researchers are tasked with collecting data on the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar. After being dropped on the wrong island, though, they need to try to find a way off of Isla Sorna. Unfortunately, they are constantly watched by t...
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On Spirit's Wings
She has no memory of who she is. No recollection of any family, who she was, or where she is. All she remembers are whispers, rumors of a nameless danger, a fear that is killing her entire species - and that she was sent to des...
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The Playlist of Awesomeness
This is basically a compilation of songs that mean a lot to me and that I can relate to. Enjoy!
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Working the Night Shift
Mike Schmidt has hated that place. Ever since his brother was killed there, he's avoided the old restaraunt at all costs. However, just this once, he's returned to exact vengeance for his brother's death. As he works the night ...
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The Mad Man With a Box
Kamryn was your average teenage girl. She had a perfect life; until, one by one, people start disappearing mysteriously from her school. She has no idea what's going on, but one man came along and changed everything.
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Seeing Time
A note from the author: This is actually based on events from my own life, even though it is a dream. All of the following events are straight from my unconscious mind. "Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most c...
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