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What's the worst injury you've ever had?
What Anime Would You Recommend? (1)
I've already finished Hetalia: Axis Powers, and I'm working on Soul Eater and Death Note. What are some others that you guys like/recommend? (Also, don't ask about the Unikitty. I was bored.)
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How do I deal with my mom?
I'm currently going through a pretty rough time with my mom. Sometimes she's really nice, but she often yells at me if I make mistakes, like earlier today. She always manages to drive me almost over the edge, but she's the one ...
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What's the Dumbest Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You?
I mean REALLY dumb things. Seriously.
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Do You Want to be in My Story?
It's called "Return to the Park". It's about a group of 6 researchers who are sent to Isla Nublar/Isla Sorna to do a report on the dinosaurs there. If you want to be in it, please fill out one of these forms: RESEARCHER: Name...
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What is your best BAD joke?
I mean corny jokes, like REALLY bad.
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What do you think of Homestuck?
Pretty much self-explanatory.
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Do You Have any FNaF OCs?
I have a lot... and I also have waay too much spare time on my hands.
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What Should the Imagine Dragons Fandom be Called?
I've been listening to Imagine Dragons for a looong time now, but I've never known if the fandom has a name or if it needs one. Help!
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Do You Ship Any Youtubers?
For example: Skylox, Merome, Pewdiecry, Skytato, you know the drill.
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