The Mad Man With a Box

The Mad Man With a Box

Kamryn was your average teenage girl. She had a perfect life; until, one by one, people start disappearing mysteriously from her school. She has no idea what's going on, but one man came along and changed everything.

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A Knock at the Door

A Knock at the Door

There was a house at the end of a short street. It was a small, brick house that didn't look like much at first glance, but it was actually very charming. The lawn was perfectly manicured, colorful flowers grew all around the outside walls, and two maple trees flanked the cobblestone path to the front door, which was painted black. Flowerboxes filled with snapdragons and hyacinths sat underneath the windows. All in all, it was a very well-maintained house.
It was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Kenwood, who were relatively wealthy for that region of their neighborhood. They were very friendly people who didn't relish in their wealth, but they preferred to enjoy the simple luxuries in life. They also had one son, Keith Kenwood, a rowdy and obnoxious boy, and one daughter, Kamryn Kenwood. She was generally very nice and athletic with a love for any sport. However, she didn't often get along with her father. In fact, she was arguing with him right now.
"Dad, I'm 16! I don't need a babysitter!" A loud voice was shouting from the upstairs floor. "I've been old enough to be home alone for a while now!"
"Kam," her father yelled back from the kitchen, "I'm NOT letting you stay home alone! You remember what happened last time!" Footsteps could be heard as Kamryn stomped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Kamryn stopped and leaned in the doorway of the kitchen. She was very lean and just a foot shorter than the doorway. She was wearing a purple and gold volleyball uniform with a large, white 19 on it, black spandex, purple court shoes and white kneepads. Her brown hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, but her bangs floated in front of her hazel eyes. Under her one arm was a large volleyball.
"How many times have I said, Dad," Kamryn snapped, "It wasn't my fault that Sam got his head dunked in the toilet last time! (Sam was Kamryn's golden retriever.) Keith invited his friends over! I didn't do anything!"
Mr. Kenwood sighed. "I wasn't referring to that. I was REFERRING to Dean (their black lab) getting maple SYRUP all stuck in his fur!"
"Dad, Mark got into the syrup bottle!" Kamryn grumbled. "Once again, not my fault."
Mr. Kenwood shook his head. "I just want to make sure nothing happens to you, Kam. Your mom and I just wanna enjoy this little date without worrying about you."
"I understand, Dad," Kamryn said, "but I don't understand why I can't invite Elizabeth over! She doesn't wreck the house like Keith's buddies."
Mr. Kenwood sighed again. "How about this; next time, you can be home alone and you can see how you like it. Ok?"
Man, that was pretty tempting for Kamryn. Home alone! Free reign of the house without having to hear Keith's heavy metal blasted through the house! Actual time to practice for any upcoming volleyball games! Besides, Kamryn could handle this one time.
"Yeah, alright Dad. Just this once, though." Kamryn hugged her dad with the volleyball-free arm. Mr. Kenwood smiled.
Suddenly, a few loud knocks were heard on the door. Mr. Kenwood turned to Kamryn and said, "That should be him. We're gonna go now. Mom's waiting out in the car."
"OK, Dad," Kamryn said. "Love you!"
"Love you too, Kam!" Mr. Kenwood grinned as he turned to leave from the back door. Kam watched as her dad left. Then she remembered that the babysitter was right outside the door.
"Well, I shouldn't keep him waiting," Kamryn thought to herself. She walked to the front door and opened it, but an odd sight awaited her.
A tall man stood in front of her. He was wearing a brown jacket, blue pants, a weird red hat and a red bowtie. His hair was dark brown and hung in front of his eyes. A weary yet childish smile was spread across his face.
"Hello," the man said in a British accent. "I'm the Doctor."
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