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Friend, Please... (A 2P! FrUk Story)
A 2P! FrUk songfic for the song Friend, Please by Twenty One Pilots! I will be posting in multiple parts! (art belongs to @bleshou )
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Killing Off My Sweet OCs
Yea imma kill those thotties off. If you don't like it suck my non-existent Lady Dick.
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You're My World.
My ocs Penelope and Louise being gay n cute i guess lmfao its better than the description i promise ((oneshot))
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Justice For Janice.
(2P! Hetero! FACE Family Fanfic) Dominique, Oliver, and Allen are in court with the same man that killed their Beloved Sister/Daughter. This is what is what's going through their heads. (I suck at descriptions I swear its bette...
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