ayyy a birthday thing i made for bleshou (and i'm posting for rep. points)

ayyy a birthday thing i made for bleshou (and i'm posting for rep. points)

Spoiler Alert: It's FrUK uhg why do i need more eords no ones gonna read this a bagel doesn't even know what qfeast is so bleg

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Happy Birthday, Francis

Arthur walked around the kitchen, mixing bowl and rubber spatula in hand as he hummed Hey Ya softly. He was searching for the baking powder among the various other baking supplies that were scattered across the countertops.

His white dress-shirt sleeves where rolled up to his knobby elbows and his normally perfectly clean trousers were dusted and smudged with flour, butter, cocoa powder, and so on. The apron he had put on earlier that morning had already become almost ridiculously dirty as well.

The kitchen floors which had been mopped spotless the previous night by the Englishman's husband had become dirtied by flour and eggs and milk and all other sorts of other various food products.

So, in other words, Arthur was making a cake.

But the blonde headed Brit would argue that it was not just any cake, no Sir, this was a special cake indeed!! For it was a Birthday cake for none other than Francis.

Arthur had everything planned for his Partner's Birthday, they would have dinner with the boys (made by himself, of course.) Followed by presents and cake, and then exit stage right for the boys, (A.K.A Bedtime) and they would end the evening with a tumble in the sheets.

It would be perfect.

Now, to the naked eye, it would seem that Arthur and Francis /despise/ each other and that couldn't farther from the truth.

Yes, Arthur and Francis had their differences but they don't hate each other. They don't go home every night and have a fist fight in front if their children, they don't scream at each other everyday until their throats are too raw to do so; they don't go behind.each others back to get back at the other.

They banter; they banter alot. They banter like an old married couple, and when one of them goes too far they apologize like adults and make up.

Arthur felt a soft smile grow on his slightly chapped lips and a light blush grow on his pale cheeks as he thought about Francis' charming smile and perfectly white teeth along with those dark blue orbs of color that were his eyes; the way his blonde hair would seem to glow in the sunlight.

Arthur let that smile play on his lips even as he poured the lumpy batter into the sheet cake pan. He set the timer for thirty minutes and walked away with his head held high, proud of what he had done.

Francis arrived home from work at six o' clock, greeted by the happy voices of his sons Matthew and Alfred calling his name and waving pieces of construction paper that had various doodles on them. "Look at mine first, Papa!!" Alfred giggled as he shoved the paper towards Francis' face. "Let me set down my things and then I'll look at each of them." He reassured them both as he lightly ruffled their hair and took off his shoes.

After placing his things in his bedroom, Francis looked at the drawings his boys had made, smiling and praising them all the while.

"That's you and Daddy... Oh! And there's me and Alfie." Matthew stated, pointing to each family member as he did. They were all holding hands and smiling, and at the bottom it said in bulky, sloppy letters, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA' with a heart at the end.

"It's very good Mon Petit Chouchou! Your handwriting is coming along great!" He kissed the top of Matthew's head and petted his soft golden curls.

"This ones from me!!" Alfred practically yelled in his Papa's ear as he shoved the card into his Father's hands.

He let Alfred explain the picture to him, it was Francis wearing a cape next to Alfred, who was also in a cape, with sloppier, but readable, letters at the bottom that said "YOUR MY HERO PAPA!!!!"

"Aw, Alfred, that's very sweet of you..." He smiled and sighed softly as he placed a kiss atop Alfred's head and petted his hair.

They ate the dry and quite overcooked pork chop and mushy peas and talked about various different things. The boys asked almost continuous questions about Francis' childhood, Arthur asked him if he'd had a good day at work.

"Right then, I do believe it's time for cake." Arthur said with a small smile as he went to the fridge and took out the sheet cake pan that was covered with aluminum foil. He took the candles and a lighter with him as he made his way to the table.

"And a one, and a two, and a..." he dramatically tore off the foil to reveal the messily iced cake, "three!! Ta-da!!" He made some jazz hands as he smiled and gestured to the cake.

Francis looked at the poorly made cake, trying his best not to cringe. "Oh my word..."

Arthur frowned slightly, "Oh my... You don't like it?" A hint of irritation and sadness was in the Brit's voice.

"No no!!" Francis snapped his head up to meet the grass green eyes of his husband, "I uh," his eyes shot back down at the cake, "I love it!! Let's get some plates, yes?" The Frenchman jumped up and grabbed the small paper plates and plastic forks.

Arthur smiled as they all sang Happy Birthday to Francis, said Frenchman smiling wide all the while as he did. Once they finished and the boys had blown out his candles (due to Francis "needing help to blow them all out") Arthur cut into the cake, revealing the grey looking cake.

"Arthur," Francis began slowly, "What... Flavor is it?"

"I tried to make a Blueberry Coffee Cake, your favorite." Arthur stated quite proudly.

The Blueberries must've popped or they where moldy... Francis hoped to God that it was the first option. "Well, let's dig in..." He stared at the cake with almost startled eyes as plates was placed in front of him and the two toddlers.

Crunchy and dry. The cake was crunchy and dry.

Francis struggled not to spit the bite right back into his plate. He saw the horrified look on boys faces and knew they were in for trouble.

Arthur took a bite and spit it right into his napkin. "What in the fresh Hell?" He half yelled in disappointment.

That set off the boys reactions.

Matthew shyly and embarrassingly spit his bite back into his plate, his face turning a bright red afterwards.

Alfred spit it out as well, making a 'Bleh!!' Noise afterwards, then began to chug his glass of milk.

Francis jumped up and went to the sink to spit his out, leaning down and drinking water from the tap afterwards.

"Well..." Arthur said as he scrubbed the dishes once the cake had been discarded and the boys had been put to bed. "I'm terribly sorry about your cake, Francis."

Francis turned to Arthur once he had dried his hands on a dish towel. "Mon Amour, I don't care if the cake was utterly disgusting." Arthur shot him a glare, "Uh-No offense. What I do care about is the fact you put in your time and effort to make me a Birthday cake." He kissed the top of Arthur's head, causing said Englishman to blush.

"However, if you'd like to learn how to make a good cake," Francis booped his nose, "I could always teach you."

After Arthur had accepted and the clean dishes were put away, Arthur lightly kissed Francis' neck, "I know the cake was bad, but I know something that you /will/like, My Love." A bright red blush made it's way across the Frenchman's face as he was pushed into his room and onto the bed, his lips being captured in a hot kiss.

What a Happy Birthday indeed.

E N D ! !

Spoiler Alert: they fucced and Francis bottomed

lmao, but happy Birthday Averie! I hope you had a good one and I just want you to know you are probably one of the best friends I've ever had. You're kind, funny, smart, s c a r y, and a lovely person!!
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