Justice For Janice.

Justice For Janice.

(2P! Hetero! FACE Family Fanfic) Dominique, Oliver, and Allen are in court with the same man that killed their Beloved Sister/Daughter. This is what is what's going through their heads. (I suck at descriptions I swear its better than this okay?)

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Tired Of Sorrow. (Dominique)

(( A/N: TW for death, murder, Depression, and cursing. In this series, each chapter will told in the P.O.V (?? Kinda?? Idk.) of a different member of the FACE family, plus a chapter detailing Janice's death. Now onto names: 2p Fem France = Dominique, 2p England = Oliver, 2p America = Allen, and 2p Fem Canada = Janice. And just to put you Russia fans at ease: I do n o t usually make Ivan a abusive murderer, but I couldn't think of another character that would be good for this. I'm done rambling now, thanks Babes!! ))
(( Side A/N: I'm looking for someone who can Beta read my works, so please let me know through PM if you're interested. I also have works on other websites that I could really use a Beta-reader on. So hmu if you're interested! I may even give you fanfics for your services! ))

Dominique sat in her chair in the courtroom, glaring intensely at the man who "Loved" her Daughter. If Ivan thought he was going to make her cry, well Ivan had another thing coming. Dominique was tired of crying. The crying. The emotion of Sorrow as a whole. She has witnessed it enough.

Everything from her Son going from angry at everything to Depressed, Allen was supposed to be her little Tough Guy who could win the heart of anyone he pleased just by smiling, and don't get her started on his personality. He was tough yet sensitive, and a real sweetie at heart, just like his Father.

Allen shouldn't have to feel this constant hurt...

Her Husband Oliver's almost constant bawling cut Dominique's heart like a knife. She hated to see her usually peppy Lover blaming himself for their Daughter, Janice's, death. She hated how he would lay awake at night, not being able to sleep, and when he did his head was filled with night-terrors.

Oliver was her sweet Honey Man and she wanted him to be happy again. If anyone deserved to feel this hurt it should be that Russian Asshole, not Oliver. But Dominique knew he wasn't sorry.

She knew the moment she saw the first black eye on her Daughter that he would hurt Janice. She begged Janice to leave him, pleaded for her to come home where she would be safe. But, alas, Janice stayed. Maybe out of love; perhaps fear, and maybe it was just to show her Mother that she didn't need to be protected anymore. Hell, Dominique didn't know, it's not like it mattered now.

Dominique's dark blue eyes that almost looked purple glazed over with tears. It did matter. She should've pushed on, she should've kept pushing her Daughter to leave the toxic relationship she was in. Maybe she would still be alive if she had.

She forced her tears away as she gripped Oliver's hand tighter. She knows that she should blame that platinum blonde Bastard up there but deep down inside her soul, she blames herself...

That Son-Of-A-Bitch will pay.

Legally if found guilty; if not…

Dominique will insure that he regrets ever being born.

(( Sorry its short! Lemme know how this is! Thank you for reading! ))
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