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Drarry fic inspired by a Tumblr post. I wrote this randomly, fueled by mountain dew, determination, and a snap.
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Shades of Sanity
A short story about a person in a coma slowly waking up. I wrote this at midnight, and it's a tad poetic and deviant from my usual style, but I think it turned out okay. Enjoy~!
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Jasmine's Guide to Writer's Block
An informational book that covers the many types of WB and the cures. If you are struggling with WB, then I am really, really sorry. Maybe this book will help you.
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Writer Girl
You know what sucks? Being a young author. This is partially my story, partially fiction. Even I'm not sure what exactly is going to be in this story, so for once I'm going to do what I want, go with the flow, and not give a de...
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Musical Stories
Pretty much a book of all the books I want to write (and the songs that inspired said stories). If you really like some of the ideas, comment and maybe it'll actually be written. ^_^
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Thae (Thor x Mae) Fanfic
Thae is one of my OTPs, and I decided to write a fanfic for it since I was bored. This is the story of Thor and Mae... (If you don't know, Mae is a Qfeast user -- @Applewolf_The_Wolfhumanlover)
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Interesting Statistics
Some interesting statistics on controversial issues, random polls, and some weird facts to boot. Enjoy!
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Hi peoples! So. I'm currently working on a book I plan on publishing and I guess I just thought that I'd include a prologue and first chapter on here. Tell me what you think!
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Calypso is a Greek Myth -- the daughter of Atlas, a Titan defeated in the war between Kronos and the gods. When he was defeated, Calypso was cursed to spend the rest of eternity on an island. Every once in a while, a hero will ...
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The Big Four
(I know; the most original title ever -- not) This is my fanfic of the Big Four. I've been working on it for a long time, and have it saved elsewhere, but I'm only going to release a few chapters at a time. If I get enough posi...
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Funny and Wacky Holidays
Have you ever wished that every day was a holiday? Well, actually, every day IS a holiday! These calendars are set for the year 2015. :D
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Divergent Manifestos
Have you ever wondered what the complete Manifesto for your Faction would be? Well, here they are! Enjoy!
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