Interesting Statistics

Interesting Statistics

Some interesting statistics on controversial issues, random polls, and some weird facts to boot. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Controversial Topics

Controversial Topics

These statistics are only based off of the Qfeaster population -- all of the statistics of opinion are completely made up of Qfeaster's votes.

Abortion is a very heated topic. Some say that abortion is completely wrong, no matter what. Some say that abortion is OK, but ONLY if the woman was raped. Others give more specific details as to what the situation would need to be for an abortion to be legal. Others say that abortion should be totally accepted in any and all situations. Which opinion is the most popular? Here are the statistics:

"Do you support abortion?"
Yes, and in any and all situations. ~ 36%
Yes, but only if the girl was raped. ~ 44%
No, never. ~ 20%

So, the largest portion (80%) of the Qfeast population supports abortion, and over half of those people say it should only be in specific situations. A mere 20% is pro-life.

This is probably one of the most heated and discussed debates on all of Qfeast. If you support it, everyone is just like "OK, that's your opinion. We can agree to disagree." If you don't, everyone attacks you, asking you why you're disrespectful to other people's sexualities and thumbs downing all of your posts and starting heated arguments with you. At least, this is the case in many situations. It's hard to find neutral ground. But which opinion is most popular? Here are the statistics:

"Do you support LGBT+ Rights?"
Don't click this! It's the description... ~ 5% (ignore this)
It's the thing that I most support, but I'm not a part of the LGBT+ community. ~ 5%
Well, I am a part of the LGBT+ community, so yes. ~ 35%
Yes. ~ 25%
I'm neutral. ~ 12%
Not really, but I don't hate the LGBT+ community. ~ 14%
Absolutely not! ~ 3%

60% of Qfeasters support the LGBT community, and over half of those are LGBT themselves. The second most popular opinion is that they don't support the LGBT community, but they don't hate on it -- a sort of neutral ground. The very least popular opinion is to hate on LGBTs and their rights.

I'll get out some more interesting statistics soon. Bye!
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