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Should we have a pride party on here to celebrate pride month?
If you don't already know, June is LGBTQ+ pride month. From what I can tell, a lot of Qfeasters are queer but for some reason can't get to a pride parade or similar event. I think that we should host our own event on here. What...
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What is a social justice warrior?
Disclaimer: I know what a social justice warrior is. But I'm wondering how the majority of Qfeasters would define the movement.
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Do you think that it's disgusting for girls to not shave?
Do you think it's disgusting? Immoral? Weird? Do you not care? What are your thoughts on this subject?
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What's public school like?
Specifically, what's the American public high school system like? What's the best thing about it? What's the worst thing about it? How much homework is usually assigned? Is the workload realistic? I hear a lot about American pu...
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What are your thoughts on polyamory?
Polyamory - to be in romantic/sexual relationships with multiple people at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of all people involved.
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If you could time travel, where would you go?
You can go to any place in the world at any time. Where would you go? (I'll probably be using whatever answers I receive in the time travel story I'm working on, so~)
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What is the most romantic date idea you can think of?
It doesn't have to be something traditionally considered romantic, either - just something that you would think of as super cute.
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Where do you get your morals from?
Religion? Empathy? Where do you draw your lines in the sand?
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Which fandoms should participate in the Fandom Games?
Preferably a fandom that I at least know a little about. Thanks!
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Do you agree with the following statement?
No one should ever be bullied or hated on or hurt, no matter what. Do you agree with that statement?
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Wanna help with my story?
I'm working on a story that will describe each and every Zodiac sign -- and each chapter is written from that sign's perspective. If you want to help, just fill out the form: Zodiac Sign: Strengths: Weaknesses: Likes: Dislikes...
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What is your worst fear...?
Are you terrified of sharks? Do you have a phobia of spiders? Do snakes chill you to the bone? What are your worst fears?
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What should I call my followers? (7)
Any ideas?
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Have you ever dated someone that you knew only through Qfeast?
If so, how did the relationship end? Are you still in the relationship? How long was your relationship?
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Which of my stories is your favorite?
Do you actually like one of my old stories like "Lost..."? Or do you prefer one of my newer ones, like "Fandom Games"? Or perhaps one of my reboots like "Burning Ice?"
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How many fandoms are you in? What are they?
Just wondering the average number of fandoms per person and the most popular ones. ^.^
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Do you guys ship anyone from any of my stories?
You probably don't :p But if you do I'd like to know. It'd be cool for people to actually ship characters from my stories.
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Has anyone read Revolution 19?
Has anyone read the Revolution 19 series by Gregg Rosenblum? I just finished Fugitive X but I can't get City 1 and I am dying... Am I the only one who totally loves this series?
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What superpowers do you think are overrated?
I honestly would hate to have mind reading and know exactly what everyone thinks of me... Plus, some people have some pretty dirty minds. Also, photographic memory would suck -- we all have things that we want to forget (e.g. t...
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