Steven Universe: On the Run

Steven Universe: On the Run

-This is the story version of "On the Run". Yes with the song too. I made this because I got bored.-

published on June 14, 201524 reads 11 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Steven sat on his couch reading a book called "The No-Home Boys: On the Run".
"Whoa... How are they going to get out of this one? Oh, that`s how!" Steven said.
Suddenly, the Warp Pad glows and Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are standing holding a ton of bowling-ball shaped robots.
"You`re back." Steven says. "Hey, it`s those things from the Galaxy Warp! Why`d you bring them home?"
"We can`t have them reactivating and fix the HomeWorld Warp." Pearl said.
"Hey, Steven, check this out!" Amethyst said as she smashed one into goo. "Ka-bloosh!"
"Amethyst! Please! This is serious!" Pearl yelled to Amethyst. "We need to understand these things! Not squash them! If HomeWorld Gems are trying to get back to Earth...They need to be stopped!"
"Pearl, calm down. We`re still cut off, the Earth is safe." Garnet said calmly to Pearl.
"Safe from what? What do the HomeWorld Gems want to do?" Steven asked.
The other Gems looked at each other.
"Steven, a very long time ago, Gems tried to do something, very bad." Pearl said. "It was something that would damage the Earth. Some Gems, like your mother, Garnet, and myself thought this was unfair to the life that already existed here. And so we swore to never let the Earth be used for their, purposes. Even if that meant-" Pearl was cut off by Amethyst squishing another robot. "hmm! Even if that meant we could never go home."
"We chose Earth." Garnet said.
"Wait a sec... so that means we`re just like the No Home Boys!" Steven said.
"The wha-" Pearl asked.
"The No Home Boys! It`s a book series about these boys that have no home! So they travel around the country living in boxcars and riding river rafts and solving mysteries! They had a successful run, until the disasterous graphic novel adaptation. But my favorite story is this classic one where the No Home Boys are chased across the countryside by a mysterious pursuer which turns out to be the very fear resting within themselves." Steven explained.
"Steven! We are not like the No Home Boys! We are litertally standing in your home right now!" Pearl told Steven.
Garnet and Pearl walk away.
"Aww... I wish I was a No Home Boy! No past, no future, just the open road!" Steven said.
"Yeah... sounds like fun! Let`s do it!"
"Yeah! Let`s run!" Amethyst says.
Steven glanced at his book cover. "On the Run".
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what happens at the end?
I haven`t finished, dum-dum.
on July 02, 2015
on July 02, 2015