What am I describing?

In each chapter, I will be giving a somewhat detailed description of a random object, person, place, animal, etc. Your job is to comment what you think I'm describing in each chapter. Good luck! NOTE: Each object will be described from ITS OWN point of view! NOTE #2: Sometimes, more than one object will be described in each chapter! Their descriptions are separate! They are not necessarily in the same category if they're in the same chapter! NOTE #3: I will insert the occasional pun to help you!

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Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

I'm quite common. I come in a lot of different varieties. One variety is the color of a lime. Another kind is the color of blood. Yet another type is the color of sunshine.
Sometimes, I'm sweet. Other times, I can be very bitter, but some people love me anyways.
I grow up with my friends in a big house that is usually next to lots of other houses, but then we're taken away from our house. Most of the time, when we get taken, we still end up with some of our friends, though.
People take me home and torture me. They stab me, scald me, and murder my friends in front of me. It's like they enjoy doing it. Sometimes, I stay in a safe place for a long time until it's my turn to be killed.


I hold many secrets. Most people love me. They spend a lot of time with me, staring at me. I've got some problems, sure, but they will be eventually fixed. I was made by someone very patient, who failed a bunch of times before succeeding with me. Sometimes, I am fat; sometimes, I am very thin. Sometimes, I'm even in the middle.
I can get boring. I can lecture you. I can be very fast-paced and confusing. I can make you laugh or cry. I can entertain people for hours. Sometimes I can be scary. Sometimes I tell you stories of things that happened a long time ago. Sometimes I'm used to torture you.
But I am pretty organized. I'm good with toddlers, teenagers, and old people. And there are places filled with me, me, all me!
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2: Cars??
on July 19, 2017
Third: words.
Second I have no idea.
First is obviously an instrument, I would know cuz I play one.
on December 09, 2015
tough XD
i know its an instrument??
on December 09, 2015