I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 9.

The best part of fighting is the make up sex

5 days later. I haven't slept. I haven't eaten. I haven't talked. Ive been cutting. I'm not taking care of my self.
I dried my hair, because I just got out of the shower. I placed my blade in the box, and hid it. I then put on sweats, a Key Street pullover, and put my hair in a messy bun. I laid back down on the couch, starring at the ceiling.
All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Vic answered it. I heard Vic having a conversation with someone. A tall figure, stepped inside. I didn't even look down. I kept my eyes on the ceiling.
"Look at her. She hasn't said a word. She didn't even touch a piece of food. She's been cutting." Vic said. The tall figure kneeled next to me. Vic and the others walked out.
"J-Jeff." I whispered.
"C-Crystal…" Jeff said. I couldn't hold it In. I cried and cried, as Jeff hugged me. I let go, and stood up. I walked towards my bunk, and Jeff spun me around, giving me a long, passionate kiss. Our lips moved together. Jeff let go, looking in my eyes.
"You don't understand how sorry I am. I messed up. I don't even know what I was thinking. I would never break up with you. I don't know what got into me. It was like a demon was controlling me. I love you so much,Crystal." He said.
"I love you too, Jeffrey." I giggled.
"How about, some lovemaking?" Jeff asked with a sexy grin. He grabbed my black blanket, laying if down on the floor in the back lounge.

-Inappropriate scene-

Jeff's hand glided up my sides. He pulled off my shirt. He continued to kiss me, as he rubbed my tummy. I shivered at his cold touch. He slid his tongue in my mouth, and slid it across my bottom braces. I stuck my tongue in his mouth. I let go, leaving a string if saliva. I cut it off. Jeff  took off my sweat pants. I got on my knees, as I took off Jeff's shirt. He smiled sexily. My cheeks got hot. I slid off Jeff's jeans. I began to kiss his stomach. He let out a soft moan. I grabbed the hem off Jeff's boxers. I stood him up, as I got on my knees.
"Please?" Jeff begged. His eyes were pleading for me to pleasure him. I slid them down, as I put the tip in my mouth. I slowly tickled his member.
"Please n-no tease." Jeff said in a soft tone. I smiled, as I took him in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip. I began to stroke him where I wasn't sucking. I took him all in my mouth. As I bobbed my head.
"Ah Jesus, don't stop. Don't stop." Jeff moaned. I bobbed my head faster.
"I'm gonna c-cu-cum!" He said, as his breathing hitched. His tip touched the back of my throat, and he released. I playfully giggled, as I swallowed. I stood back up, and gave Jeff a good taste of himself. He then unsnapped my bra, and slid down my panties. He rubbed the now moist area, not breaking the kiss.he moved his head down. He laid me down, and I felt a gust of pleasure. I moaned loudly, as his tongue trickled up to the top. I let out a squeak. His tongue reached the bottom, as he took one lick. I shivered. Before I knew it, he jammed 3 fingers in me. I gasped, and Jeff sat next to me, fîngering me. He made scíssoring Motions with his fingers. My breathing went a little funny. I got closer to my climax, as Jeff stopped. He gave me a evil smirk, as he crawled towards his bag. He pulled out a bright blue glass dîldo. It wasn't shaped like a dîck. It looked like a tube. I pushed Jeff to the ground, as I grabbed the lube. I put It on the dîldo, as I lined it up at Jeff's ass. I slid it in, causing a small cry from Jeff. He's had it in the ass before.
"Does it hurt babe?" I asked.
"A little bit." He chocked. I began to thrust it in him, earning pleased cried. When Jeff was getting closed to his climax, I pulled out. He thanked me, as I put the stuff to the side. Jeff laid me down, as he kissed my neck. He then got on his knees, an put himself inside of me. I giggled, and the most pleasure I ever had, filled me up. I loudly cried, as Jeff POUNDED ME. I screamed, as he thrusted really fast. He pulled out of my wet core, he laid down, and I sat on top of him. I faces towards him, and gave him a sexy look. I took a quick look out of he window, and by the time I looked back at Jeff, he was in his Creepypasta form.
"That feels so Much better." He said. I put my hand against his carved smile, and smiled. He began thrusting under me. I laid my chest on his chest, then I looked him in the eye.
"Jeff, h-harder." I moaned.
"Your so hot when you beg." Jeff moaned as he continued to pound me.
"Scream my name."
"FÛCK JEFF OH RIGHT THERE!" I screamed as Jeff hit my G-Spot.
"Mm don't stop, don't stop." I moaned. Jeff thrusted faster. I came, as I squirted a little bit. Jeff started to thrust again, as he released. I moaned. The feeling off Jeff's hot liquid inside of me was to die for. I had my second orgasm. I screamed in pleasure. My legs shook. Jeff moaned, as I kissed him.  I slid on new clothes; A pair of Ripped American Flag Short shorts,  a red and white off-the-shoulder crop top, my black vans, and I put a bandana in my hair. Jeff put on shorts, and his t shirt.
"Wait, babe, turn around." I said. Jeff turned around, and I looked at his LONG hair. His hair was up to his butt.
"Jeff how the fûck did your hair get up to your ass?" I asked.
"I don't know." He said, changing in his human form. I picked up the black blanket we were having sex on, and bundled it in the ball. I put the Lube and Dîldo in my bag. I put the black blanket in the dirty clothes. I grabbed Jeff's hand, as we walked out with a smile on our faces. I Leaned over and kissed him, and that turned into a mini make out session. I heard a couple of 'Awes' and I stopped kissing Jeff and looked around. I saw Vic, Mike, Tony and Jaime, with a smile on there faces.
"How long where you standing there?" I asked, hoping they didn't hear me and Jeff having sex.
"Long enough to hear you scream Jeff's name." Jaime laughed.
"Mm how was it?" Vic asked with a laugh.
"Fûck you guys." I said with a smile.
"We love you too, Crystal." They said. I laughed.
"Jack needs me. I'll see you later." Jeff said, giving me a quick kiss. I frowned. As Vic grabbed my hand. He dragged me in the tour bus, looking around.
"Jesus you guys did have neat sex." Vic laughed.
"No, I actually cleaned Our mess up." I said.
"Oh really?" He asked.
"Yup" I said. I felt hands wrap around my waist, and Vic smirk. Laughed as I pushed him away.
"No hugs for Viccy?" Vic asked with a frown. I walked over, giving Vic a big hug. His muscular arms wrapped around me. He let go.
"So there's a party…" Vic said.
"I'm not going. I feel sick." I said as I plopped down on the couch.
"Why is that?" Vic asked, sitting next to me.
"I don't know. Maybe I'm pregnant." I joked.
"Maybe you are." Vic laughed.
"I'm actual gonna see if I am." I said, getting up. I grabbed a pregnancy test, went to the bathroom, peed on the stick. I pulled it out.

Not pregnant.

I cheered, as I walked away.
"Well, I'm not prego, so why am I feeling sick?" I asked to Vic.
"Maybe you ate something that your tummy didn't agree with?" Vic asked, playing with his lip.
"Maybe." I said, laying Down, and putting my feet across Vic's lap. I fell asleep.
Chapter name credit: Miss bipolar by Blood On The Dance Floor
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