I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 10.


When I woke up, I was on the couch, and Vic was sitting next to me, watching tv. I sat up, getting a headache. I groaned. I laid back down, bundling my self in blankets. Vic rubbed my back, as he was watching TV.
"Where's Jeff?" I asked.
"He came back, an hour ago, but then he said he had to go again. Wanna go look for him?" Vic asked, helping me stand up.I started walking out, as I stopped. I made sure now one was following me. I walked to EJs RV, and lazily opened the door. I was greeted my hugs. I laughed.
"Where's Jeff?" I asked, sitting next to Ben.
"He said he's um shopping…yeah shopping." Liu say. I didn't believe it, one bit, but went along with it. Jane pulled me to the back lounge.
"Okay, do you got any fancy  clothes?" Jane asked.
"Yea, lemme get them." I said. I ran out, and into my RV. Vic gave me a puzzled look. I grabbed a strapless black dress, that was up to my middle thigh. It was short, that had a big bow in the back, I grabbed thigh high black socks, then black heels that a had a bow at the top. I grabbed a big  black bow for my hair. I ran back, and Jane sat me down in a high chair. She started to my makeup. She finished, and told me to get dressed. I didn't know what was happening, so I went along with it. I put on the strapless dress, then the thigh high socks. I put on the heels, then the big bow. I walked out, and Jane said I looked fabulous.
"Where are we going?" I asked, as Jane tied a blindfold over my eyes. She kept quiet, and she grabbed my hand. I felt grass underneath my shoe, and something went steep. I slowly walked down, the hill. I wanted to take off my blindfold, but I couldn't. I felt something hard under my feet, that felt like a big rock. Then we hit grass again, and Jane let go of my hand.
"Take off your blindfold. I reached my hand on the back of my head.
"I can't get it off!" I giggled.
"CMON." Jane laughed, as she untied it for me. I took it off, and covered my mouth. There was a sexy Jeff, dressed up in skinny jeans, a white button up shirt, and black tie, and he was sitting on a blanket, with a picnic basket next to me. I looked behind me, noticing jane was gone. I ran to Jeff, jumping on his lap. I gave him a long kiss. I put my hands on his hips as I let go.
"Why hello, darling." Jeff said, in a accent,
"Hey babe." I said, kissing him again. I hugged him, and breathed in his yummy scent. I then got off of Jeff's lap, and rested my back against the tree.

Me and Jeff ate tacos, and had soda. I was laying next to Jeff, as we looked out the stars. Jeff then sat up. He reached into a small black bag and pulled out bathing suits. He handed me my black and pink bikini. I laughed, as Jeff took off my dress. He took off my strapless bra, as he kissed my neck. He stopped, and he put the bikini top on me. I tied it, and then slid off my panties. He slid on my bikini bottoms. He kissed my pierced belly button, and I laughed at the feeling. Jeff sat up again, and I took off his tie, and then unbuttoned his shirt. I slid it off of him, and kissed his chest. I worked my way down to his V-Line, but he pushed me away. He laughed, as I unbuckled his jeans.
"Go easy, or I might get a bôner." Jeff warned. I rolled my eyes, and slid down his jeans. I slid down his boxers, and I wanted to suck him so bad, but I also wanted to do what Jeff planed for us. I gently stroked him as he let out a soft moaned. I stopped, then I put on his swim bottoms. I slid them on him.
"Where we going?" I asked. Jeff grabbed my hand, as we started running. He stopped, and jumped into a lake. I smiled, jumping in after him. I felt something grab my waist, and I screamed. It was Jeff. I looked at him, and stuck out my tongue. He grabbed my chin, and put his lips on mine. His hands traveled up my thigh, and along my tummy. I shivered. He let go, and I clung to his arm. I got on his back, and he grabbed my butt to keep from falling. I slid off of him, and I swam away.  
"You can't catch me!" I giggled, running away. I turned around, and Jeff wasn't in sight. I began to panic, but I felt something grab my legs, pulling me under. I felt a pair of lips hit mine, and I kissed back. I needed air. I tried to get air, but Jeff wouldn't let go of me. I kept kicking him, and he let go. I rose to the top, taking in the air.
"Ya know, we could go skinny dipping." He said.
"Good idea." I laughed, taking off my bottoms. I took off my top, and I grabbed Jeff's swim trunks, throwing them next to our stuff. We began to have a BLAST.


We got out, wiping our naked bodies. I put on my underwear, then bra. I put my dress back on, and thigh high socks. Then my heels. Jeff put his clothes. Damn well I could Not walk in theses heels, right now. Jeff put the blanket and everything in the basket, as he picked me up, and walked towards the car. He set me down in the car and we drove back. When we got to the RV, I could hear pleasure cries from the back lounge. I decided not to look behind the curtain, for obvious reasons. Tony, Jaime, and Mike all head headphones in. Mike noticed us, as he stopped what he was doing. The cries turned into "fûck yeses". And MORE moaning, Mike took off his headphones, cringing at the sound of the moaning.
"Okay, Vic's back there with Kellin. Now you heard nothing from me." Mike chuckled, putting his headphones back on. I grabbed my headphones, and so did Jeff,, and we fell asleep on the opposite couch.

When I woke up, my first intention was to see if Kellin was still here. I Vic's bunk, was Vic and Kellin cuddled. I giggled, and I began to make breakfast. Tony is a vegetarian. I decided to make eggs. I made eggs for Tony, and then eggs with bacon, for the other guys. I made toast, and hash browns. Mike woke up to the smell. I handed him a plate, as he thanked me, he sat down, and going on his iPhone. I hummed a song, as everybody began waking up, EXCEPT Kellin and Vic. I laughed as I handed everybody their plates. After everybody finished, I washed the dishes. That's when I heard my name being called.
"Happy birthday Love!" Jaime said, kissing my hand and forehead.
"Thanks." I giggled.
"Uh Crystal…"
"Yes?" I asked.
"Um what have you been eating?" Jaime asked. Shit.
"Just the u-usual." I lied,
"Come here." I heard Mike say. He grabbed my hips and studied me.
"I'm gonna ask this again, what. Have. You. Been. Eating."  Jaime asked. My breathing hitched. I haven't had anything, really. I didn't eat much last night with Jeff, just 1 taco, and water.
"I had a taco." I said, shakily. I felt cold hands go around my waist, and I recognized it was Jeff's. He slowly began lifting up my shirt, and I cringed. Tony gasped out loudly. I held back the tears. I looked down, realizing I had a bigger thigh gap, and you can see some of my bones.
"A-Are you A-Anorexic?" Tony managed to stutter. I felt so embarrassed. I felt worthless. I felt ashamed. I pulled down my shirt, as ignored the whole world. I didn't say word. Vic and Kellin came out of their bunks, as I smiled. Fake smiled. I handed them their food. Everybody started talking about something, and Tony just stayed quiet, not saying a word. Tony was like another brother to me. He was really nice, never made me feel uncomfortable, super relaxed. He was ALWAYS there for me. I remember one time, when Jeff wasn't talking to me, and I was laying on the couch, letting my depression get the best of me. I never knew he had depression. We stayed up all night talking to each other. It was nice to have someone understand you. I would only talked to Tony. Only he could get me to talked. He told me that I'm a beautiful young woman, who doesn't deserve this. He told me to believe in what you believe in. He told me that I will get no where in life if I didn't step up my game. And every single word he said, stuck with me till this moment. Tony actually wrote me a song telling me I'm not alone. I never felt that beautiful in my life. He made me feel beautiful once again. And I'm so proud that I get to watch Pierce the Veil preform, and watching them come off the stage, having smiling faces. They gave me hope. But Tony gives me more hope than everybody else. Tony inspired me. He's perfect. There is no body like Tony Perry.
I was snapped out of my daze, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Tony.
"Can we take a walk?" Tony asked, shakily. I nodded my head, as I grabbed some clothes. I grabbed skinny jeans, and Key Street pullover, and converse. Tony had his skinny jeans, vans, a turtle top, and his SnapBack. I smiled at his dorkyness. Tony told everyone we would be back. We walked outside, and it was comfortable silence. Tony grabbed my hand, and he pulled me onto the sidewalk of the big city.
"OMG LOOK! ITS TONY PERRY AND VIC FUENTES GIRLFRIEND, CRYSTAL!" Someone yelled. Um Vic's girlfriend? Tony grabbed me as we started running. We ran into this store, hiding behind some clothes. When nobody was around, we started walking again. We were walking along a abandoned parking lot. Tony looked at me. His eyes. His eyes. His brown eyes were filled with hurt. Did i do this? He then turned around, and then we found a nice field next to the parking lot. We sat down. Tony grabbed my hand, running it in circles with his thumb. He looked me in the eye.
"Your to beautiful for anything like this. I don't give a shit, WHAT, anybody says. You are the must Gorgeous person I laid eyes on." Tony said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled so big, my cheeks started to hurt. He made me feels loved.
"T-Tony, I don't know how to say this, you saved me. Your suck a inspiration. I remember. 4 years ago. I tried to commit suicide. I had my pills in my hand, and water in the next. But then, my phone, started playing this odd tune. So I unlocked it, and went into the app. It stopped playing. The front cover said something like, 'check out pierce the veils new album; selfish machines!' And I was like 'why the fûck is this being sent to me?' And I started listing to your songs and I fell in love. You guys song gave me hope, that night. If I didn't get that notification, I would've been 6 feet under ground, rotting away." I said, looking at my shoes. Tony had one of the sweetest smiles on his face. Tonys smile was the best thing ever. He wrapped a arm around me, engaging me in a hug.
"Stay strong, darling." He said, giving me a kiss on the hand. I smiled at how sweet he was. He helped me up.
"I'm gonna make a big Mexican meal for you, and your gonna eat it." Tony giggled, grabbing my hand. We then started running with smiles on our faces. Tony scooped me up, twirling me a little as I giggled like a little girl. We then entered wrapped, showing the guards our passes, and they let us in. We went back to the RV, Jaime was panicking.
"What's wrong?" I asked as me and Tonys smile faded.
"Well, I-I think I got my girlfriend pregnant." Jaime said.
"You didn't use a condom!? Jeez, I've found at least 10 condoms floating around since I been here! And I'm guessing that's yours!" I said.
"Jaime relax, what if she's not pregnant?" Vic said.
"Well I'll be actually kind of sad." Jaime admitted, I frowned, sitting next to him.
"Trust me. If she is pregnant, you'll be one happy motherfûcker. And when you hold that child in your hands, your whole life will change. You'll be carrying a little human. Your little human." Jeff said. I smiled at his choice of words. Jaime smiled.
"Well, okay, but I gotta get out." Jaime said, rushing out the door. Kellin sat down, and screamed in pain.
"What?" I asked. Vic had a smirk in his face.
"We can't sit down, idiot." Vic chuckled.
"Well, couldn't you have told me that before we had sex?" Kellin screamed. I broke into laughter. Kellin stood up.
"Well, now my ass is on fire." Kellin said. I was bored as hell.
"I'm bored as fûck." I said.
"well, my dear, Crystal, tell me about your life, and childhood." Jeff said in a British accent.
"Well, I was born in Texas. So had a thick, southern accent. We moved from Texas, to Mexico, since my mom was Mexican. So that's when my southern accent kind of, ya know, worn away. Since i was in Mexico for awhile, I developed a Mexican accent. And Alex, Jesus his accent was so adorable. But anyway, around the age of 12, I moved to Attleboro Massachusetts, and lived there till I was um, 14,  then I moved to Florida." I said.
"How come I didn't know that?" Jeff asked.
"Because you never asked…?"
"Wait, hold the fûck up, your Mexican?" Tony asked.
"Holy fûck, your Mexican?" Vic asked.
"Well, yeah." I chuckled.
"Okay your officially a SEXICAN." Mike said with a cheer.
"Shup." I laughed.
"So basically me and Kellin are the only one who's NOT Mexican." Jeff said with a frown.
"Afraid so." Kellin frowned.
"Am I really that skinny?" I asked, looking at my thin thighs. Everyone shared a look.
"Well, your a twig." Jeff said.
"I need your help." I said.
"With what?" Mike asked.
"I need to get back to my nor-OW SHIT!" I yelled, clutching my stomach. Tony was still cooking the Mexican meal for me. I have a huge pain in my leg.
"what?" Vic asked.
"My, my leg." I stuttered. Suddenly the pain went away…
"Well okay." I said. I stood up, and I slid on something, falling on my ass. I reached under me. A condom. It was still in its package. I threw it at Vic, who put it next to him, laughing. All of a sudden this sadness washed over for me for NO reason. So I got up, going into the small kitchen. It smelt like heaven. Tony handed me a burrito, rice, corn, and a quesadilla. I licked my lips, then thanking tony, giving him a kiss on the cheek. I started eating. I finished, and washed my plate.
"So there's this party…" Jaime said as he walked in.
"COUNT ME IN!" I screamed. Everyone laughed.
"And it's kind of like a karaoke thing, it's being held outside next to Of Mice and Mens bus, and your suppose to bring your own guitar and mic if you can." Jaime said. I shot up. Today was my birthday. Everybody seemed excited about it this morning... How could they forget? I slumped down in my seat.
"But…we need to give the birthday girl her presents." Tony said. Everybody whet back, and holy damn they had to many presents for me.
"Really…" I bluntly said, causing them to laugh.
"OHH! OPEN MINE FIRST!" Mike yelled, handing me a pink  box with a green bow. I slowly took off the lid, and looked inside. Mike kept laughing.
"This Is why we are friends." I laughed. Mike got me, pot leaf thigh high socks, potleaf, regular socks, potleaf leggings, potleaf shirt, potleaf hoodie, pot leaf pull over, pot leaf bracelet, pot leaf tongue ring. I laughed at his stupidness, putting the stuff away. I gave Mike a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Jaime was next. He handed me a purple wrapped box with a blue bow. I unwrapped the box, and looked inside. Jaime had gotten me a new camera, and at the bottom of the box, I gasped. The MacBook Pro I always wanted. 15 inch. Retina display. And he got me a cute signed teddy bear. I put my hand over my mouth, as Jaime squeezed me. I hugged back, and gave him a big thanks, then a kiss on his head. Tony. Tony handed me a black and green wrapped box. I unwrapped it, and gasped. He gotten me a small turtle. It was in its own small tank, swimming around. He also got me it's food, and then he got me some key street clothes, and some makeup. I thanked him, and gave him a kiss in his forehead. Vic was next. He handed me red and pink box. I opened it, and he got me the iPhone 5s, in white, a cute 3-D hello kitty case, a bunch of piercings, like for my snakebites, septum, tongue, and belly button. He them got me a pierce the veil blanket and pillow which I loved. I hugged him tightly, and have him a kiss on his cheek. My baby jeffy was next. He handed me a black and turquoise box. I opened it. Jeff got me a shit load of makeup, clothes, toys (if ya know what I mean by "toys" XD) and a piercing kit, because I wanted to pierce some other things, like my eyebrow, the bridge of my nose, my hip, etc. I tackled him in a hug, and showered him with kisses.
"This ones from all of us." Vic said, handing me a box. I opened it, and on top was a pierce the veil phone case, ptv band merch, and when I looked at the bottom, I gasped. They have Got me a bullet vibrator, a back glass dïldo that looked like Jeff's dîldo, that vibrates. They all laughed. Then Kellin handed me a box. I opened it, and it was a new flat iron, anthem made clothes, makeup, and I sighed picture. I was in shock. I gave Kellin a long hug, and kiss on the head.
"Last one. This ones from the Sleeping with Sirens crew." Jaime said. Kellin handed me a box, and I opened it. They got me a bunch of SWS sirens band merch,  new vans, a iTunes card, and a 500 dollar gift card to anywhere.
"Please tell them I said thank you so fûcking much. I love you guys." I said, giving everybody a hug.
"No, there is still one more present," Vic said. Vic lead me to the lounge, and went into the small closet, pulling out a black and turquoise guitar, and a amplifier.
"No.fûcking.way." I said. I pulled Vic in a huge hug. I thanked everybody, as I started to put my stuff away. I walked out, holding. My guitar, as we ran off the bus, to Of Mice and Men's. It was crowded, with all different bands. Me and some other people, played some songs.
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