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I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3
OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, J...
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Hooded Killer Hoodiexreader love story (Creepypasta)
This story is about hoodie, a proxy for Slenderman, goes on a mission for Slenderman. While he's on the mission, he sees this beautiful, girl. But killers can't love-or can they? This story is for my amazing BFF, who is OBSES...
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I love you...
Ben falls in love with Jeff, and Jeff falls in love with BEN. They don't know how each other feel, intill one day..
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