I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 1.

First day :D

Jeff and I were already down packing, and Jeff changed in his human form.
"Dye your hair black." I said, ruffling his dark brown hair.
"Now?" He asked.
"Yes, so you will always have black hair in your human form. Look like a scene person." I said. Jeff walked towards the bathroom, and I pulls out the black hair dye.
"I can do this really quick." I said. I put the black dye in, and rubbed it in. I let it sit for about 5 minutes, and I rinsed it off. I dried his now black hair.
"Are we done yet?" He asked.
"You look like Johnnie Guilbert." I laughed. He did. I put my hair in his fluffy hair.
"Let's go." I said. We grabbed our bags, and we got in Jeff's car. We drove, and we got there pretty quick. Vic was outside, taking to Tony. Jeff parked in  the woods, so no one would see. I got out, running behind Vic. Tony saw me. I put my finger to his mouth, motioning for him to be quiet. I jumped on Vic' back, causing. Him to fall back. I scarred the living shit out of him.
"Don't do that." Vic laughed. Jeff appeared next to me, with our bags.
"He my Mexican friends." Jeff laughed.
"Hey, Jefffffreeeyyy." Tony laughed.
"Can we gooo?" I whined like a kid.
"Yeah, Jaime and Mike are already inside." Vic said. We walked Inside.
"Jesus Vic, this is nicer than my own home." I chuckled.
"Thank you, my lady." He laughed.
"Mike…Mikey…Michael..." I said, sitting next to him.
"Yea?" He asked, currently on his MacBook Pro.
"Can I see your license?" I asked. Mike handed me his license, and i looked at it. At the bottom where his signature was.
"Really Mike?" I laughed at his signature.
"Yeah." He laughed. I was right below the AC, and I was freezing.
"Are you cold? I mean you have a pullover on…what does it say?" He asked. I stood up, letting him get a view of my Mike Whiskey Hands pullover. MikeWhiskeyHands was Mike Fuentes. He raps.
"Niceeeeeeee. I'm so proud of you." He laughed.
"Favorite song by me?" He ased
"Money Martz Bîtches dont." I said.
"That's my favorite too." He laughed.
"Wait I need to go see Vic for a sec." I said, getting up. The bus driver, Jeremy started to drive. Vic was in the back lounge, writing a new song.
"Vic, can I talk to you for a second?" I nervously said.
"Yea sure." He said, taking off his guitar.
"Well…um…uh..well." I stuttered, looking down. I must've been shaking pretty bad, because Vic grabbed my hand. It was shaking so hard.
"The baby. It died." I said,  running out before he could say anything. I locked myself in the bathroom, and desperately searched for a blade. I opened the medicine cabinet. I searched. No blade. I searched under the sink, and I found one. It was a small one. I sat on the counter and cut. This never felt so good. Tears came down. It's all my fault this happened to my poor baby. Thank god Alexis is okay. I heard knocking.
"Crystal let me in." I heard Vic yell. I cut deeper. I cut at the very top of my thighs, so no one would see them if I wear my shorts. I cut more. I heard swearing, then the door opened. Vic had picked the lock. My blood dripped on the grey tiled floor. Vic closed the door behind him. He then gasped at me. He grabbed my wrist. I flinched, jerking my wrist back.
"C-Crystal…" Vic said. Vic slowly took off the bracelets off his wrist. He avoided eye contact. He showed me his scarred up wrist. I held it in my wrist. They were no fresh scars, but big scars. My blood dripped on Vic's wrist, and I tried to wipe it off. Vic smiled weekly.
"Promise you won't do this again." Vic said. I crossed my fingers behind my back.
"I promise." I lied. Vice wrapped up my cuts. The blood dripped down my leg. Vic slid down my shirts, leaving me in my black panties. He wrapped up my thighs. I put my shorts back on. Vic kissed my bandaged wrist.
"Im so sorry, for ya know. It's gonna be okay. How about we go to the warped tour party tonight?" Vic asked. I giggled nervously.
"Yeah." I laughed. C'mon, it's 3:00 pm. Take a nap. We won't be at warped until 5:30." Vic said.
"Wait, I have the same Mikey Whiskey Hands pullover." Vic laughed. I laughed, and I climbed on the couch, next to Jeff. I snuggled under his arm. Jaime put a blanket over me. Jaime put on music quietly so it would be easier falling asleep. I fell asleep pretty quickly."


"NO JEFF PLEASE!" I cried. Jeff was about to kill Alexis!
"To late. I never loved you." Jeff laughed. He jammed the knife in Alexis Stomach.
"JEFFFFFF!" I screamed. I sobbed louder than ever. Jeff walked over to me, and had a rope in his hand. He pushed me on the ground, tying my hands and feet. My hands were behind my back.
"It's rime for you to go to sleep…" he laughed. He dug the knife in my heck.
"I l-love you..." I chocked out.

~end of dream~

"CRYSTAL!" Someone yelled. Jeff. I sat up. Everybody was looking at me.
"You were moving pretty badly, and kept yelling stuff out. And you were crying." Jaime said.
"I had a nightmare, Jeff killed Alexis, and never loved me." I chocked out.
"Relax, Alexis is with Vic." He said. I looked at Vic, who had Alexis in his arms.
"What time is it?' I asked.
"Um, 4:52." Mike said.
"Kay." I said. I got up, fixing my pullover. I went to my bag, pulling out a cigarette. Mike must've saw me, because he had one in his hand. I smiled weekly. I don't usually smoke. I walked to the back, Mike behind me.
"Do you got a lighter?" I asked Mike.
"Yea." He said, throwing me a lighter. I lit the cigarette, and breathed it in.
"I heard what happened." Mike said.
"Yeah…" I said.
"trust me, it will become okay. You will be Okay." Mike said, taking a puff. He blew out the smoke. We both finished. I put a mint in, and walked out. I looked out the window. I walked out hugging Jeff, and giving him a kiss. I love him so much.


It was 5:26, and we were at Warped Tour. I walked out, and saw All band buses. I excitedly walked out. Vic was behind me. EJs RV was behind us, and everybody was in their human form. Thank goodness. Ej walked out, in his human form. He had brown hair, up to his shoulder, brown eyes, and tan skin. I hugged him quickly. I heard Ben screaming.
"Why is Ben Yelling?" I laughed.
"He's a douche." Ej laughed, walking towards Jeff. I walked into the RV, and saw Ben, yelling at Alex. Alex just sat there laughing. That's when Ben looked at me. He had flour on his face.
"Oh my god." I laughed. Ben charged at me. I picked his small body up, and sat him on the counter. I cleaned his face up, and I felt hands go around my waist. It was Alex.
"Hey." Alex giggled.
"Hey asswipe." I laughed. Ben changed in his human form with Blueish greenish eyes, blonde hair, a green SnapBack, skinny jeans and a black legend of Zelda shirt. He walked out, and Alex grabbed my hand. He pulled me aside. That's when I felt it. His bones. I lifted up his shirt, and saw a very bony stomach. Alex quickly pulled his shirt down.
"I'm anorexic. I have to go." Alex said, embarrassed.
"No Alex, please!" I begged.
"My baby died." I said. Alex turned around, looking me in the eye,
"I'm sorry. I love you, but I have to go." Alex said.
"Thanks so much for being there for me when I need you most." I said. Isaw a tear drip to the floor. Thank god the other Creepypastas were in the back lounge. I walked out, into my trailer. I grabbed my skateboard.
"Wait up!" I heard someone yell. Vic. I looked at Jeff, who was looking back at me. He must've seen I was hurt, so he kissed my cheek.
"Fine be like that." Jeff growled when I didn't respond. I ran inside, and took off my bandages. I put makeup on the cutes, to cover them up. I put on a crop top, then running back outside. Jeff didn't even look at me. He was talking to Jaime.
"Crystal?" Vic asked. I ignored everything, and I got on my skateboard. I started to skate. Vic and the others grabbed there skate boards. "Don't tell em" by Jeremih, was playing loudly. I heard Vic catching up to me, so iBook a sharp turn, into where the tents were, like where there's merch. Thn I spotted someone at one of the tents. Johnnie Guilbert. I gasped. Johnie and I where best friends when we were Johnnie Must've recognized me, because he held out his arms.
"OH MY GOD! CRYSTAL!" He yelled out. I hopped off my skateboard, and hugged him.
"I haven't seen you in forever." I laughed.
"I know. YouTube has taken over my life." He laughed.
"We should hang out sometime."I said.
"We should. Here." He said, putting his number on my wrist in small numbers. The marker hit my hidden cuts. I waved goodbye, and ran back to my skateboard. Vic was looking pissed off as he skated towards me. He then grabbed my wrist, and looked me in the eye. He let to of my wrist. I got on my skateboard, and Vic was right next to me. He was skating on his skateboard. I couldn't go back to the RV, not right now. I got off my skateboard, and started to run, Into the food area. Vic followed behind me. Shit. It was hard running with a skateboard. I then turned, and ran out of the place. Vic was close behind me. I ran Into the woods, and Vic  followed me. We were deep in the woods. Vic caught up to me, and grabbed my waist.'he pushed me on the ground, and pinned me there.
"Vic! No!" I screamed.
"Ah shut up." He growled. He sat on my waist.
"Now, your gonna tell me what happened." He said.
"What?" I asked.
"What happened with Alex." He said.
"Well. I felt his tummy, and all I felt was bones, a-and, I lifted up his shirt, and he was so bony. He told me his anorexic He got upset, and left. I just want to help him. He should trust me! I'm his sister!" I cried. We spent moment looking in each others eyes. I knew just what he wanted.
"Vic, I can't." I said.
"Can't what?" He asked. I rolled my eyes, and Vic let me go. We grabbed our skateboards, and skated back to the RV. Me and Vic got their quickly.
"We are both gonna play the cover of Bruno Mars. Okay, how about we all go to the practice room, near by?" Vic asked.
"Yeah sure." I said. Tony, Jaime and Mike walked out and we headed towards the practice room.
"I need my pullover." I said. I ran inside, grabbing my Mikewhiskeyhands pull over, and I put on a SnapBack. I ran back out, and caught up with the others. Vic grabbed my wrist. Tony opened the door, and we walked in. Mike sat at the drums, Jaime grabbed the bass, Vic grabbed a Mic and a guitar, tony grabbed a guitar.

~2 hours later~

We all did practices, and now we were all goofing around.
"Wait, I got one." I said, clearing my throat.
"I'm tony and i like turtles." I said into the echoing mic. Tony gave me a death glare and then he laughed.
"Wait, I have one." Vic said.
"I'm Mikeywhiskey hands, I like fûcking bîtches. It's all the fücking money that matters." Vic rapped. We all busted out laughing.
"This is how Justin Bieber sings." Jaime said.
"If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go." Jaime said in the most Terrible voice. We all busted out laughing again. We all made some more jokes, then we walked out of the room, into the trailer. Jeff was in our bunk. It was 7:30 pm, and the party didn't start till 10:00. I climbed to the top bunk where Jeff was, still in his human form. I took off my shoes, and climbed next to him. He didn't look at him.
"Baby, please…" I begged.
"Masturbate with me." Jeff said.
"What?" I asked.
"let's go take a shower." Jeff begged.
"Fine. But we have to be at a party at 10." I said. Me and Jeff grabbed our clothes, and we both got into the shower. I let the water travel down my bare body. Jeff grinned and I looked down at us.

-Inappropriate scene- XD

Jeff smiled sexily, and grabbed his member, and gently stroke it, as I looked him in the eye. I then sat down, and so did Jeff. He spread my legs, and put himself inside of me. I moaned. He trusted. He then laid me down on the shower floor, and he was on his knees. I got a good view of his chest and abs. He trusted, and I moaned. Jeff out his hand over my mouth, to keep from screaming in pressure. He trusted harder and faster, and he hit me g-spot. I bit Jeff's hand. He put his hands on the floor above my shoulders.
"Shit shit shit." Jeff said.
"PULL OUT! PULL OUT OF ME!" I screamed. Jeff pulled out quickly, standing up. I sat on my knees. I opened my mouth, and Jeff came in my mouth and face. I moaned sexily, as he out the tip of his member on in my mouth. I swallowed the cum, and i stood up. I washed my face, and body, and hair, and Jeff did the same. Me and Jeff just ended up kissing, for the last few minutes of the shower.
"That was fun." He giggled.
"Mm yea." I giggled.

-end of inappropriate scene-

I stepped out, putting a towel around me. I walked out, and grabbed a bra, undies, short shorts, a "suicide silence" crop top. I walked back into the bathroom, putting the clothes on. Jeff was already dressed.
We walked out, and I went to the back lounge. I dropped my phone that was in my hand. Vic was making out with a girl. I knew that girl. Danielle Victoria. Vic stopped, and looked at me. His eyes widen. Danielle just looked at me funny.
"How's Kellin gonna react to this Vic?" I asked, crossing my arms.
"Who's Kellin?" Danielle asked.
"His boyfriend." I said
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't know he had a relationship with someone else!" Danielle said, getting up.
"It's okay, Vic is just a cheater. Anyways I'm a big fan of you." I smiled sweetly at Danielle.
"Thank you, beautiful. I have to go, see you later." She said to me. She walked out of the RV, and that left me and Vic alone In the back lounge.
"KELLIN!" I screamed. I started to run out of the RV, still shouting his name. I was about to open the Sleeping With Sirens door, but Vic pushed me out of the way. I tumbled to woods, and sat in pain against a tree. Vic then pinned me to the tree.
"You will not tell him anything." Vic growled.
"Oh yes I will." I said, getting out of his grasp, and ran to the SWS RV. I slammed open the door. Vic was not far behind me. I ran in, and his behind Kellin.
"What the fu-" Kellin started to say, but Vic barged in.
"You are so dead." Vic growled at me.
"Vic, kissed another girl!" I screamed quickly.
"It was Danielle Victoria!" I added. Kellin then grabbed my hand, trying to protect me. It didn't work, be chase Vic threw himself at me, and I fell back, in pain.
"Motherfûcker." I growled. I looked at Kellins eyes, tears flooded down his face. Vic stood me up, and tried to drag me out if the RV. I grabbed the counter, to keep from moving.
"Vic, I lt-trusted you. I divorced my beautiful wife for you. I honesty loved you more than anything." Kellin said, going in the back lounge. I let go of Vic's hand, and I ran out, ahead of him. I ran back to the RV. Vic was behind me. I opened the door, and we both walked in. Vic didn't say a word. He just locked him self in the bathroom. I sat next to Tony, and played with his long hair. I took off his SnapBack, and started moving hair around. I played with Tonys Jedi Braid. I honestly liked Tonys hair. How it's shaved at the sides. Tony giggled at the feeling. I put the SnapBack back on him, and then I started to out random things through his gauges. I sat in front of him.
"How bad did your piercing hurt?" I asked, pointing at the dermal one.
"Not to bad." He said.
Me and tony talked for a while, and then it was time to go to the party. Vic was still not talking to me.
"C'mon Crystal." Mike begged.
"I'll catch up to you later." I said. Everybody left, and it left me, and well, Vic, who was in the bathroom. I knocked on the bathroom door, and I heard nothing. I tried to open it, locked. I took a bobby pin, and jiggled it in the lock. I opened a door to a horrible sight. Vic was on the florid, sitting against the wall. Vic was shaking, and his arms where filled with cuts. A tiny blood puddle under his arm. His face was wet from crying. Vic didn't even look at me. I grabbed a towel, and easily wiped his wrist. I wiped his other one, then the blood around him. I stood him up, and grabbed another towel wiping his face. I just grabbed his neck, hugging him.
"Why did you do that?" I asked.
"Danielle is my ex, and I just wanted to hang out with her, and then it turned into making out."  He said.
"Oh, I get it. Still have feeling for your ex?" I asked.
"Yeah." He frowned.
"I'm sorry, for telling Kellin. Speaking of Kellin, can you please talk to him?" I asked.
"Yeah um sure, but can we still go to the party?" He said with a giggle.
"Of course." I giggled.

1/2 hour later

Vic came back with a happy Kellin in his arms. Vic set Kellin down, and kissed him quickly.
"Can we go?" Vic asked.
"Yeah." I said. I grabbed my iPhone, and fake ID, then we walked out. I played with the hem of my suicide silence crop top I was wearing. I put my phone in my back pocket, and id. Vic dragged me in the building, and we went for the bar. Vic got us shots, and I guzzled it down.
"Where's the others?" I asked Vic.
"Umm…found them. C'mon." He said, grabbing me and Kellins hand. Mike, Tony, Jeff and Jaime were standing in the corner, laughing. I put my hand around Jeff's waist, and he put a arm around my shoulder, and continued talking to Tony. Mike then motioned him to meet me in the hallway. I followed mike, and into the quiet hallway.
"Alright, down in the basement, is a little strip  club, but there is weed, and cocaine, so I'm going down there, wanna come?" He asked.
"YESSSS!" I begged. Mike took my hand in his, and we walked to the basement. People were down there, sitting, and doing drugs. There was a little group around a
Table. Girls were stripping, and Mike took me to the group in the back. He told me everything was gonna be okay. I didn't get why he said that though.
"Alright! How about you pretty girl, do this next." A guy with black scene hair said. He pushed me to my knees. I smiled. He then handed me a rolled up thing of cocaine. He yanked my hair back, and I snorted the cocaine. Holy shit this was awesome.

~1 hour later~

Mike kept telling m to quit it. I was high. I was so messed up. I took so many different drugs in the past hour. Mike helped me up.

Mikes P.O.V

Crystal was fûcked up on drugs. This was not good. I slung her over my shoulder as she kicked me. I walked up the stairs, and went to find the others.
"What the hell happened to her?" Jeff asked, as Crystal was kicking me more. I set her down; and she fell to the floor.
"She, took so many drugs. I tried to stop her. She's in her own little world." I said, trying to find Vic.

Jeff's P.O.V

"Crystal get up." I said. She stood up, grabbing my waist for support.
"Here." I said, handing her a glass of water, that I was currently drinking. She took it and guzzled it down.
"Okay I feel a bit better." She said, and calmed down. I smiled at her sweet voice. I held her in my arms, as we walked around. I love her.
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