I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 2.

Please be okay…

Crystals P.O.V

~4:00 am~

Everybody started walking. I was drunk. Vic wore a Pikachu hat and I laughed. I think everybody was fairly drunk. We opened the Tour bus RV, and Crystal was drunk, but was acting adorable. She would make these cute noises for some reason.  Drunk Vic was standing, and yawning. I led Vic to his bunk, and had to help everybody else. Crystal a as in the bathroom, vomiting. I held her black hair back, and rubbed her back. She finished, brushing her teeth. I grabbed undies, a bra, comfy shirt, and fuzzy pajama shorts. I went back to the bathroom, and I slowly took off crystals clothes. I unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the ground. I slid off her panties, leaving her naked. I tried to stop starring but she was too perfect. I then put the clean bra on, and then panties. I put the shirt on her, and shorts. I helped her lay down, and she fell asleep. I grabbed a cigarette, and went to the back lounge. I lighted it and started to smoke it.

~5 minutes later~

I finished, and rubbed my hair. I was still in my human form. I laid down next to Crystal, on the bunk.  She snuggled in my chest, and I fell asleep.

~12:00 pm~

Crystals P.O.V

I woke up, and Jeff was still sleeping. I kissed his nose, and slid put of the bunk. Jeez, hangover… Vic was on the couch, watching TV. I grabbed my MacBook Pro, and sat at the small table. I wanted FaceTime Masky and Hoodie. I turned on my laptop, and opened FaceTime. I clicked on Hoodies contact, and it started to ring. Then it said 'connecting' and then Hoodie with  No mask on, smiled.
"Oh my god I already miss you." I said.
"Awe, I do too. I heard what happened." Hoodie said with a sound of sadness in his voice.
"Um yeah." I said looking down.
"I'm really sorry." Hoodie said. I heard Masky in the background.
"Masky shut yo ass up and get over here." Hoodie said. Masky came and sat next to hoodie.
"Who's that your Facetimimg?" Masky asked, looking at his iPod.
"Duh, who do you think?" Hoodie snapped at Masky.
"Oh hey Crystal." He smiled sweetly.
"Hey." I said.

~1:30 pm~

I finished Facetimimg hoodie, and PTV were getting ready for their first day of performing on stage. They were playing Main Stage. I helped them with everything, and they headed out. I saw a big-no HUGE crowd. They went to the back.  They did their pre show chant.

"Hey tony!"
"The devil."
"They devil is everywhere."
"Hey Mike!"
"The devil."
"The devil is everywhere."
"Hey Vic!"
"The devil"
"The devil is everywhere."
"Hey Jaime!"
"The devil."
"The devils everywhere."

Vic grabbed my hand, and pulled me in the circle. Here we go.

"Hey Crystal!"
"The devil."
"The devil is everywhere."
"P-T-V WOOOO!" Everyone cheered. They ran off to the stage, and I watched from the side. Tomorrow I will be performing "Hold on till may", with PTV, doing Lindsey Stamey's part.

~1 hour later~

They finished, and I cheered. Vic and the others ran off the stage, charging at me. They all pulled me into a giant hug.
"You guys nailed it." I said.
"Thank chu."
"How about me go for some food?" Vic asked.
"Yeah let's go." I said. We walked to the RV, to get money. We walked out, and walked to a food truck. as we waited in line. I heard "2 on" by Tinashe, and I started to dance. As I was dancing, Vic just starred at me wide eyed, and I stopped dancing.
"Is sum thing wrong?" I asked.
"Holy fûck, why didn't you tell us you dance like a God?" Tony asked.
"Because you never asked." I laughed. Everybody told me I was awesome. We got burritos, and then we started walking around. I nibbled my burrito, and Vic grabbed my hand. We got some things from merch tents, and we all finished eating. I started to dance back to the RV, and kept smiling. I was at the RV, and opened the Door. Vic was right behind me. Jeff was on the couch, sleeping. Still in his human form. Vic pulled me to the back lounge with the others.
"Alright we are going to practice room, for our final practice before your show tomorrow." Mike said to me.
"Okay, but I need to do something quick." I said, running out of the RV. I ran into EJs RV, and began looking for Alex.
"Okay Jack, Where the fûck is Alex." I asked.
"Uh in the bathroom?" Ej said, not really sure. I banged on the door, and heard a quiet sob. Shit. I grabbed a Bobby pin, and began to pick it. I kicked open the door, and saw Alex, on the floor. His arms were filled with cuts and gashes. He looked extremely pale. His hair covered his blue eyes. I kneeled down next to him, pushing his hair away from his eyes.
"This is my fault isn't it?" I sobbed to Alex.
"N-No! It's mine!" He said. I grabbed his wirst, wrapping it up. Once everything was all wrapped and cleaned up.

"You are my older, brother, Alex. Almost 19. And you mean the world to me. I look up to you. You helped me when know one else could. You were that person who was always there for me. I love you so much." I said, kissing his cheek.
We just sat there, hugging. Eventually we had to get out.
"I love you crystal." Alex said, as he laid down on the couch.
"I love you too." I said, walking out. I walked back too the RV.
PTV were waiting, and I apologized to them. We started walking, and I  kept my head down. I imagine living in a world without Alex. He stood up for me-
"Fück!" I screamed. I fell down, and I hit my face pretty hard. PTV turned around. Vic helped me up. Just then, Vic took off his shirt, and put it against my face because it was bleeding a lot. We started to walk back to the RV, and Mike grabbed my waist, and put me the counter. He took his shirt off of my face.
"Ow that's gotta hurt…" Mike said.
"No shit Fuentes" I snapped. Vic and Jaime came back and had supplies in their hand. Vc put alcohol on the wound. And I kicked him were the sun doesn't shine.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?" Vic yelled.
"That hurts. No more alcohol." I said.
"Tuff shit." He snapped, and put the cloth over my nose. I screamed but Vic didnt budge. He finished, and put a bandage on it, and wiped the blood off of me.
"Do you still wanna practice, I mean like, for another time?" Vic asked.
"Yea, of corse." I said. We walked back out, and we started walking towards the practice room. I opened the door. I sat next to Vic. We practiced "hold on till may" a few dozen times, and then we decided to mess around.
I love my life. My life has been so much better now.

We walked back to the RV, and Then PTV ran off to preform, and that left me and sleeping Jeff. Jeez he's been sleeping all day. I walked over to him, and poked his face. He opened his eyes, and I pecked his lips.
"What the hell happened to your face?
"I fell." I said. I needed to change the bandage.  I ran to the bathroom, ripping it off and putting a new one on.
"Crystal, I need your help to change my tongue piercing." Jeff said.
"Okay." I said. I walked over, and sat on his lap.
He handed me a black and blue one. He stuck out his tongue, and I unscrewed the balls. I took the barbell out, and put it aside. I took the ball off of the new one, and pit the barbell through his tongue hold. I screwed the ball back on.
"There." I smiled.
"Thanks babe." He said, kissing my cheek and getting up. I decided to change my tongue, because why not? I went to my bag, and I grabbed a neon pink and green one. I changed it quickly, and I ran to find Jeff. He was in the back lounge, watching TV.
"We never do anything fun anymore." I whined.
"I'm too old." He groaned.
"17 is not old!" I giggled. I sat on his lap, and he took off my shirt. He kissed my neck, and I giggled in his chest. He unclipped my bra, sliding my bra off. He got a good view, and then went to work. I heard the door opened of the RV. Shit. Jeff helped me put my shirt and bra back on. I walked out of the back lounge, and saw Kellin.
"Crystal, oh my gosh. I just saw Vic-and he was with another girl. Not Danielle. Another girl. Vic KISSED her." Kellin said, on the verge of tears.
"That little fücker is dead." I said.

~1 hour later~

Vic came back, stood bu the doorway of the back Louge.
"You are so dead!" I yelled at Vic, ready to jump on him. I got caught bu someone putting me over their shoulder, and Vic stepped back.
"No!" He snapped.
"Tony seriously please!" I yelled.

I was just chillen.

Over Tonys shoulder.

That's when I looked at Vic, a devise smile plastered on those pretty lips of his. That's when my sanity snapped. I began kicking tony, and punching his back, yelling and cursing. I got out of Tonys grip, falling into the ground. I ran to Vic, and punched him square in the nose. I ran at him like a bull, and ousted him down, I began beating him. Everybody was trying to get me off of Vic.
"SHUT THE FÛCK UP." I screamed. Jeff then grabbed my waist. Shit. Vic was bleeding a lot now. I smiled at the work I've done.
"Don't ever. Mess with Kellin." I growled, and then got pulled out of the RV. Mike and Jeff pulled me out.
"Ow." I said.
"What the mother fûcking hell happen in there." Mike growled.
"I'm sick of it. Vic and his bullshit. Mike, Vic is mother fücking cheating on Kellin. This is the second time. Kellin doesn't deserve this. Vic is a mother fûcking grown ass man. He shouldn't be doing this. I swear to fücking god, if I see him again…he's gonna gent the beaten of his life." I said, running out into the woods. I heard someone calling my name. I hid behind the tree. I heard footsteps, and I heard a soft voice. Kellin. I hugged him, and wouldn't let go. I began crying, and told him everything.
"Awh, Shit. Good Vic deserved it. Haha good job." He said.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well, come stay with me. We got cookies." Kellin laughed a bit. We started walking out, and then I heard a scream.
"Shit that's Alex." I screamed. The sound was coming from not far away. I began running as fast as I could. I turned a sharp corner, and continued running. I ran and saw Alex. He was covered in blood, and shaking.
"ALEX!" I screamed, running towards him. He was lying on the ground.
"Alexander…Alex!" I screamed. He's not waking up. Shit. Alex! I pulled out my phone, calling Jeff.

"Jeff I know you hate me and all, but Alex…"
"He's…NOT WAKING UP!" I screamed.
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