I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 3.

Okay? Okay.

Crystals P.O.V

I told Jeff everything, and he was in his way with BEN. I grabbed Alex's cold hand, and it had a very faint pulse.
"Alex, Alexander please!" I cried.  Please, he was the only thing I got! Mom and dad died, so he's the last thing i got. I heard footsteps,
And I saw Jeff. They were both in their human forms. I saw Ben gasp. Jeff picked him up, and I held bens hand, telling him everything's gonna be alright.
"We have to take him to the hospital." I sniffled. We headed back to the RV, a nod I grabbed the car keys. Jeff put Alex in the backseat next to him, and I started to drive. We got to the hospital, and Jeff brung him in. I sat in the car crying, and rested my head on the stirring wheel. After about 10 minutes, Jeff came back, sat in the passengers seat. I started to drive back, to the RV.  
"Uh Crystal, Vic's in his car, waiting for you, because he wanted to talk to you." Jaime said. I nodded, and running to Vic's car. He was in the Drivers seat, and biting his nails. I sat down on the passengers seat. Vic started to drive, and it was really, really awkward. Awkward silence much?
"Vic-I'm so sorry.' I said, and gave him a quick side hug.
"No, no, it's my fault. I'm the one who kept cheating." He said, as we got onto the highway.
"Where we going?" I asked.
"Somewhere nice." He smiled. I smiled back. It was already 10:00 pm, and pitch black. Then something hit us, making our car tumble down the hill. It was doing flips, and turns. I screamed, and Vic was silent. Well I couldn't really hear nothing, except banging and crashing. I felt glass shards cut my skin. The car stopped on another road, and thank goodness no one was passing by. The car was on its tires thankfully, and I heard nothing. I smiled weakly, because I was thankful of being alive.
"Vic!" I screamed, noticing how he wasn't moving. He had huge cuts on the side of his face,  Up his forehead. They were bleeding pretty bad.
"No no no!" I screamed. I heard sirens and then the ambulance came. Someone took Vic out of his seat, and someone out of mine.
"No I'm fine! Don't worry about me! Worrying about him!" I cried, pointing to Vic. I had a few minor cuts, thank goodness. I walked over to Vic, as the put Vic on the ground. He lifted up Vic's shirt, and attached these wired thingies on it. He then out a breathing thing in Vic's mouth. Vic wasn't moving. Still. I began to cry, harder. They lifted Vic up onto a Gurney, and I put on my sweater, and moved some hair in my face so no one could see the cuts. They let me ride with vic. I held Vic's hand, and sobbed. This is my karma.  the guy stopped and opened the door.At The hospital! The brung Vic in, and I took the chance and made a run for it. I started running back to warped. I was there, and I opened the RV. I too off my sweater, and moved my hair out of my face. Mike waked out.
"Holy shit! What happened to you?" Mike yelled. I fell to the ground, crying. Everyone came running out. Jeff made me look up. Everybody helped me stand up.
"Wait-where's Vic?" Jaime asked.
"Me and Vic were driving, and something hit us. We tumbled down a hill. Hes unconscious, and he was bleeding a lot, and we went to the hospital and I made a run for it." I cried. Jeff slipped off my shirt. He turned me around, touching the bruises, and cute. Everybody cleaned my cuts, and then the slid down my jeans. More cuts and bruises. As soon as my wounds were cured, I broke down crying. Jaime tried to cheer me up, by dancing. I giggled, and gave him a hug. I let go, and smiled weekly. I got down from the counter, and ran to pack Vic a bag, since he's in the hospital.
"I'm staying with him at the hospital, overnight. Feel free to join me. Be in the car in 5 Minutes."'I said. I grabbed my bag, and Vic's bag, and got into the car. Mike had a bag in his hand, and jumped knot the passengers seat.
"I'm coming." He said.
"Okay. Let's go." I said. I started driving to the hospital, and when I got there, we went straight to the desk. We told the girl that we were here for Vic Fuentes, and she asked what are relation with him.
"Brother." Mike said.
"Best friend." I said. She gave me a glare, and let us up to Vic's room. We walked into his room, and Vic was awake.
"Oh my god, are you okay?" I asked Vic, giving him a hug.
"Yeah, just my leg and head hurt really bad." Vic said.
"I'll be right back, I gotta find Alex." I said. I walked out, and was greeted by a friendly nurse, who was young, and had her hair in a bun, and let her bangs in her face.
"Hi, dear, do you need help with anything?" She asked.
"Um yea, I'm looking for a guy named Alexander Wolfe." I said.
"Middle name?" She asked, looking at her papers.
"Jayy." I said.
"Relation?" She asked.
"He's in room 116, 3rd floor. Have a nice day." She smiled walking off. I walked towards the elevator, and pushed the 3rd floor. I got out, and began walking towards the empty halls, and turned a corner.
"114, 115, 116!" I said. I opened the door, and saw Alex, was sitting up, he was rubbing his head.
"ALEX!" I yelled, hugging him. He hugged back with  all his might.
"Crystal…" he said.
"Are you okay?" I asked
"Yeah, just that I was unconscious for a few. They hit my head pretty hard."
"Well, 2 guys chased me, and then they cornered me. The started hitting, punching, kicking me, and I kept screaming, and that's when the ran away." He said.
"As long as your alright, I shouldn't worry." I said, kissing his forehead.
"Stay here with me?" Alex begged.
"Fine. But lemme call Vic and tell him I'm staying with you." I said.
"Vic's at the hospital?" Alex asked.
"Yeah. We got into a car accident." I said. I called Vic nod he said it was okay. Alex patted the spot next to him, and I sat down. I fell asleep.
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Please continue!! It's pretty good!!
on January 22, 2015
Make more!
on December 23, 2014
Nice story so far! Keep it up!
on September 01, 2014
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