Hooded Killer Hoodiexreader love story (Creepypasta)

Hooded Killer Hoodiexreader love story (Creepypasta)

This story is about hoodie, a proxy for Slenderman, goes on a mission for Slenderman. While he's on the mission, he sees this beautiful, girl. But killers can't love-or can they? This story is for my amazing BFF, who is OBSESSED WITH HOODIE! Love ya

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Hoodies P.O.V

Hi! I'm hoodie! I'm bisexual. I am a proxy for Slendy, along with my boyfriend Masky, and bestfriend Ticci-Toby. I'm not as shy as I was before, but I still stutter a little. I'm REALLY shy around Girls. I LOVE cheesecake, and Masky!

Masky and I were sittimg on our Bed, playing a video game. We had our hoodies and masks off, leaving us in t-shirts.
"Aw don't be sad, get over here." Masky said. I scooted towards him, and he pulled me in a long kiss. He picked me up, and out me on his lap, so I was facing him. I let go for air, and kissed him again. I felt Masky's hand go under my shirt, touching my very bony back. Did I mention I only way like 110 pounds? Yea i don't eat much. Her rubbed my back, causing me to shiver in delight. He took his hands out of my shirt, holding the back of my head, and kissed me  harder.
"MASKY! HODDIE!" Slendy shouted downstairs. We stopped, and put on our hoodies and masks. We walked downstairs.
"Alright, a girl named (Y/N) lives on 562 Kadvasi road. She gets abused at home, and school, bullied, and she is very shy. I need you to watch her, and see if she's good enough to be a proxie." Slendy said, walking away.
Me and Masky opened the door, walking Into the woods, to the human world. We walked down Kadvasi road, until we saw 562. We heard screams from a girl, and sobs. Me and Masky exchanged a look. We climbed a tree, and we saw the girl. She was really cute. She sank to the floor. Her father hit her with a belt one more time, before walking away. I got a glimpse of her arms. Covered. I mean, COVERED in self harm cuts. I held Masky's hand, and squeezed it.

Readers P.O.V

I can't stand this no more. My dad hit me with the belt one last time. He walked away, calling me a slut. I crawled to my room, and locked the door, and took out a knife. I aimed at my stomach. Just then, I heard something.
"Everything will be alright.9 just stay strong." The voice said. Just then my mom burst through my door, hugging me. She didn't know my dad abuses me. It's better for her not to know. I pushed the knife under my bed, hugging her back.
"Is everything alright? I saw blood on the floor in the hallway." She said.
"Yea, must've been dad." I lied. It was MY blood.
"Alright. Dinner will be ready, (Y/N)." She smiled. She walked down stairs, and checked on the chicken. I looked out my window, before grabbing my laptop under my bed.

Masky's P.O.V

Me and hoodie walked home, holding hands. Hoodie wasn't talking. He held his head down.
"Hoods, is everything alright?" I asked.
"Y-Yeah, everything is f-fine." He said. I stopped, grabbing his chin. I pulled his mask up, then mine, kissing him. He wasn't kissing back- I quickly let go, and frowned. He started running ahead of me, and far enough I couldn't see him. Did I hurt him? I ran all the way back to mansion, worrying about hoodie.
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Me: Damn it! Write more! PLZ!


Me: I'm not f*cking doing that again.
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Can you add more?
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Needs more to the story line in events๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
on August 10, 2015
Cool! x.x
on February 09, 2015
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