I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

I'm in love with a killer (Jeffxcrystal love story) BOOK 3

OHMEGERDD 3rd book! Last book before the SEQUEL! Read the first and second book, so you'll understand this book. Ugh thanks so much! Ilysm! Story details: Jeff and Crystal are at wrapped with there best friends, Vic, Mike, Jaime, and tony, aka, pierce the veil. Basically a lot of shit happens XD

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Chapter 11.

"No way, your screaming-it's just so perfect!" Vic said.
"Well, thank you victor." I said in a accent. I played "ohioisonfire" by Of mice and men.
"No the best part was when Oliver Skye climbed up on the Bus, and kept shouting 'I WAS BORN NAKED!'" Jaime kept laughing.
"No-Did you see Tony, he was like, so fûcking hyper." Mike said, looking at Tony, who was holding his guitar.
"I was only hyper because I had to much sugar!" Tony yelled.
"Ben Bruce legit tried to fûck me." Tony said.
"Typical Ben." Mike said. Jeff wrapped his arm around my waist. He then kept giving me little neck kisses, giving hints he wanted to lay down and have fun.
"I'll see you guys in the morning…I'm off to bed. G'Night. Love you. Thank you for today." I said.
"Kay, love you too, welcome."
Me and Jeff climbed into bed. He kept kissing my neck, sending chills up my spine. He mumbled something in my neck. His tongue ring swirled a giant my neck as he kept kissing that spot. I then sat up, and that caused Jeff to take off my shirt. I slid off my shorts, and I sold downs Jeff's jeans. I took off his shirt.


I palmed Jeff through his boxers as I kissed his neck dearly. He made these cute moans.
"Give me a hand  job?"Jeff quietly whimpered.
"My pleasure babe." I said, sliding down his boxers. I gently stroked his hard member, while kissing his flat stomach. He whimpered.
"Nghh, g-go faster?" He asked as I swirled my thumb against the head of his member. I decided to tease him. I went a little slower. He then placed his hand on mine, and began to move it up and down. He then arched his back. I kissed his soft neck, pretty sure to leave a hickey. He kept whimpering.
"Fûck…" Jeff moaned, as I hit his sweet spot on his neck. I moved my hand faster. And Jeff grabbed a blanket, pulling it over his mouth to keep from screaming. Hot liquid filled my hand up. He came all over my hand, and his belly. I began to lick it up, when I heard Jeff moan some more.
"I-I'm not done b-babe." Jeff whimpered again. I began to go faster with my hand, and more came out, I put my mouth at the tip, so when he did cum, it would go in my mouth. Cum filled up my mouth, and I removed my mouth. I didn't swallow it, not yet. He came more on my hand and in his be,my. I removed my hand.
"Open?" He asked. I opened my mouth, as he got a good look of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it, and licked the rest. I felt Jeff slow let push me down, as he sat on m waist. Jeff was REALLY light, so it didn't mind. He unclipped my bra, and slid it off, cold hair it me. Then Jeff slid off my panties.
"Wait, I have a idea." I said. I reached to the little cabinet and shelf I had at my bunk. I opened it, and got the new díldo and vibrator. I opened it, and too it out, I wiped it with my spit. Jeff then grabbed it, and propped me against the wall. He grabbed the díldo, and examined it. He slid it inside of my wet core, causing me to flinch. I grabbed onto his hair like never before. He then took It out, and turned on the vibrator on my clît. This felt like heaven. Jeff then put his finger inside of me, moving it around. I felt my self getting closer, and Jeff put pressure. I grabbed onto Jeff's hair, and slightly pulling it. I'm gonna cum. Shit. I felt my self shaking. Then something came out of me.Squirt. Jeff pulled his now soaked fingers out of me, I giggled, pulling him in a kiss. I grabbed Jeff's shirt, as I slid it on him.  we were all dressed.

-End of inappropriate things-

Jeff fell asleep. I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn't. I slid off the bunk, landing on my feet. I made my way to the back lounge, and I heard a noise…like someone was…kissing? I turned on the light, gasping, and nearly screaming. Mike and Tony…what. They immediately stopped, and jumped away. They were kissing…
"W-What??" I asked…
"N-No! I-It's not what i-it looks like!" Tony stammered, with tears in his eyes.
"P-Please don't tell no one!" Mike said. Then Vic appeared behind me.
"What happened?" He asked. Tony and Mike looked at me with scarred eyes.
"U-Um, Mike and Tony were-" I started to say, as Tony was begging me not to to tell. "they planning to scare me, and they scarred the shit out of me." I said.
"Oh. Okay." Vic said, walking out. I shot Tony a dirty look.
"Im sorry." I said, walking out, shutting off the light, and then started to take out my gifts. I pulled out my new phone, new camera, and new laptop. I sat at Vic's iMac, next to the couch. I began to make some MMDS, and then I heard a sneeze next to me. It was Vic. I screamed. He was on the couch-RIGHT NEXT TO ME. How did I not see him.
"When did you get here?" I asked.
"Since I walked out of the back lounge…and what are you doing on my computer?" He asked.
"Well, I can't sleep…so I decided to make MMDS…" I said.
"Well okay." He said. I saved my work, and got up. I grabbed a rolled up pierce of weed, and a lighter.
"You coming?" I asked, grabbing my phone.
"Yeah." Vic said, looking at his iPod. We walked out, as I pulled out my weed, and lighted it. I began to smoke it, and purposely blew the smoke in Vic's face. He coughed, then laughed. I knew exactly what he wanted. I grabbed another one from my pocket, handing it to Vic. He lighted it. And we both were smoking.
"Have you ever smoked weed?"I asked.
"Yea, like a while ago." Vic laughed. We made shapes with the smoke. We blew the smoke in each others faces, and we took selfies with eachother, blowing smoke out of our mouth. Vic posted it to Instagram.


We gonna get high as fûck tonight. Love this girl.

I smiled, liking his picture. A bunch of people started to comment.

-You guys are so cute together!-

-Vic your girlfriend is perfect-

-this is Vic's girlfriend!-

-she's ugly-

-WTf Vic is mine! Ily victor-

-she's way to young for him-


-have kids ready!-

-get married-


-perfect couple!-

-Vic and Crystal are so cute and perfect together #perfect-


-drugs are bad for you :/-

-ugly ;-;-


-Vic fûck her already!-

-I bet Crystal gives Vic good blow  jobs with that tongue ring-

-Crystal have Vic fûck you in your ass-


-Vic fück her right in the pussy!-

- :/ -

-so adorable! #relationshipgoals-


I shifted in my seat. I was uncomfortable. People think me and Vic were together. WE WERNT! I felt the need to cry. I got up, and Vic grabbed me, the tears came.
"Shh, it's alright. Relax." Vic said, rocking me. I let go, wiping my eyes. We then started to head in.
"Wanna watch a scary movie with me?" Vic asked.
"Yea." I said. Vic got popcorn, and started to play the conjuring.

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Please continue!! It's pretty good!!
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