Avengers Protocol

Avengers Protocol

This is a story that tags along with the whole 'Avengers' theme. I wondered what would happen if there was a new girl Avenger added into the group, so I made a story where that happens. I hope you like it and this is one of the first times I have posted.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 ~ Chitauri

When I heard what had happened in Manhattan, I totally freaked out. Okay,  maybe it wasn’t such a big deal that all of the news shows suddenly went crazy saying aliens were invading Manhattan. Still, even if there was a small chance they were telling the truth, the world as we now know it is on the brink of disaster. Now, as I drove down Interstate 95 from Portland, Maine, I thought about what I had heard on Fox a few hours earlier. It went something like this:
“Manhattan is in crisis as what now has been confirmed as an extraterrestrial attack is terrorising the citizens and slaughtering hundreds by the day. Though, in the thick of it all, a tremendously brave group known as the Avengers are putting their lives on the line by trying to save the city.”
“That may be so, however, some individuals are complaining. Most say something like, ‘Are they working against the city, or for the city?’ what is your opinion on this topic? Coming up, more on this, live from Manhattan.”
Anyway, you can see how many different opinions there are on this topic, so I, Jenna Taylor, am off. Off to Manhattan to find out the truth behind this whole mess.
If I find the so called ‘Avengers’ I have a lot of questions to ask them, including: Who are you working for? How did this happen? Are there really extraterrestrials invading Manhattan? and questions similar to those.
Before I left, I made a list of the things I was bringing. This is the list I made:

Cell Phone and Backup Cell Phone
2 Tasers-(I trained as a cop in college, okay)
2 Guns-(use only in emergencies)
Lots of ammo for the guns-(I don’t want to run out in a life-or-death situation)
Notebook and Pen-(For notes on hostage aliens or notes on Avengers)
Tent and Sleeping Bags(2)-(in case I can’t find a hotel)
Handcuffs and other police gear-(as well as backups)

After what seemed like a millennium, (which was really only three days, seven hours, and forty-two minutes), I arrived in Manhattan. My GPS took me across barren countryside to get there, and I lost a little of my confidence in it along the way. My mother had had similar problems with GPSs.
When I reached the place I saw on the news, my jaw dropped. It was then that I finally realised, the battle wasn’t over yet! As if seeing everything for the first time, I stared at the sky, (which I just noticed was filled with ALIENS). Still having a hard time believing all of this, I watched as an enormous green monster, (obviously the Hulk) smashed around, killing a lot of them himself.
Terrified at what I saw, I started to turn my truck around, only to find a lone alien, hurt and suffering, banging on the window. I was about to open my door and go help it when out of nowhere, Captain America showed up!
“Sorry,” he said as soon when I rolled down the window, “but why are you here? Aren’t all reporters and media folk supposed to get the heck out of town? There’s a war going on right now if you hadn’t noticed!”
“I-I didn’t know that, all I know is that there’s a big conspiracy theory going on right now, and the Avengers are smack-dab in the middle of it. I came here to sort out this whole mess. Also, I trained to be a police officer in college, so you can’t tell me that because I’m not trained I can’t be here, alright?” I asked, flashing my badge.
“Very well. I see you have it in your head you’re staying until it is over, but just be careful. If you do not try to fight any Chitauri, you will be fine. And do not try to go after enemy number one, Loki, by yourself either. He turned two of our best men into his personal slaves, and has killed many. He is very dangerous, and do not underestimate him, as that is when he strikes. What is your name by the way? I am Captain America.”
“My name is Annabell Clark—Officer Annabell Clark. It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain.”
“The pleasure is mine, ma'am,” he replied with a certainty that was hard to ignore. Having said this, Captain America left. Off to fight some more “Chitauri.” Whatever they were, I had a sinking feeling I was about to find out.
Carefully, I opened the trunk to my truck, and got my taser, handcuffs, and gun out of it. I might be needing them soon, sooner than I realised. Now I was ready to protect myself, I turned my attention to the alien that was banging on the window earlier. I could now see that it was holding something in it’s hands that looked vaguely similar to a gun, only more advanced. I could see why Captain America warned me against engaging them in battle.
However, I knew something Captain America didn’t. I knew I could take this “Chitauri” in a fight any day, I trained for what? Four years in college to be the best cop I could be. The Chitari must have been too focused on my truck and not on me because I snuck up on it really easily. Approaching it from the back, I took it unawares and pressed my taser to the back of what I assumed was the neck of this Chitauri creature. Unconsciousness was immediate.
I hauled the unconscious Chitauri into the the backseat of my truck and drove to one of my many labs, this one was just a few blocks from where we were.
When we arrived there, I dragged the Chitauri onto a seat used for surgery, (with the straps attached to the seat that were almost impossible to escape). Then, I waited for it to resume consciousness. After the first hour, I stopped waiting and started taking notes on what the creature and the gun looked like.
I was so absorbed in taking notes, I almost didn’t notice that the Chitauri creature had woken up and was giving me the evil eye. How an alien can do that I have no idea.
Walking up to it, I asked, “Can you understand me, Chitauri? I do not wish to hurt you. Do you speak english?”
In reply, it growled, “Understand. Human. Yes. Speak. Language. Speak. Many. Language.”
Thank god! It can actually communicate with us! Imagine the information I can gleam from it! I thought. Out loud I said, “What is your name in english?”
“Not. Tell. A. Thing. To. You.”
I looked the creature in the eyes as I spoke, “You will tell me what I need to know, or you will regret it.” I wanted it to feel intimidated.
For a moment it’s eyes widened, but then that moment passed and it’s face was a blank slate once again. That moment was all I needed, as I had struck a nerve with the Chitauri creature and I was going to build on it.
Looking it in the eyes I questioned, “I ask you again, what is your name, creature?” I paused on each syllable, so it could understand me better.
Almost as if it was in a trance it replied, “Buhmaj.”
“Well then, Buhmaj, welcome to your new home. You will be staying here for the next few weeks. Alright?”
“How. Did. You. Know. My. Name. Human?” It asked.
“How did I know—” I started, but then stopped. I realised, It didn’t know! I must have made it say it’s name, unwillingly. I have a gift. Or is it such a great gift?
As I was thinking this, I had started to walk away from the prisoner. When I was almost out of the room, the prisoner said desperately, “Please . . . Do. Not. Leave. Me. Here. To. Die.”
“I’m not going to leave you here to die,” I said as I turned. Walking back to Buhmaj, I unclipped one of the clasps, and quickly handcuffed the wrist, (at least that’s what I thought I clamped it to, as it looked somewhat like a wrist) as tight as I dared. I did the same to the other wrist as well. When I was finished, I said, “Buhmaj, can you hear me? I am going to gag you so you can’t talk, but it is not going to be for forever. Do you understand me?”
“Hear. Yes. Understand. Human. I. No. Fear. Just. No. Kill. Please?”
“For the last time, I will not kill you. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cooperate. We’ll get along so long as you don’t do anything stupid or anything. Understand?”
Almost whimpering it replied, “Yes. Understand. You. No. Kill. I. Do. No. Stupid. You. No. Hurt.” After it said this, I gagged it. It looked at me with those forlorn eyes, begging me to release it. I ignored it and threw it in my truck. Then, I did something I hadn’t told it I would do, I tasered it.
Hey, it isn’t my fault! I just wanted to go see the Avengers’ leader and talk to him, (or her!!) about my newfound ability. I can also ask to “join” their group and I don’t think the “leader” would let me join, (or even listen to me) if there was a Chitauri listening in.
So, I headed back to the where the main fighting was to find one of the Avengers. Stupid of me, right? Well, it was easy to find where the fighting was, as it was everywhere! Instead of trying to find any of them and going in blind, I decided I would try to find one of them, Thor.
There! On top of the Stark Tower. What’s he doing there? There are still Chitauri out there terrorising civilians Thor!! Oh . . . that’s why he’s there . . . he’s trying to capture Loki. But isn’t that the one thing Captain America warned against? Well, I have made up my mind. I’m going to help him. He can’t be forced to take on Loki alone!
Hm, how am I going to get up there? With a little thought, it came to me. So, leaving Buhmaj in the backseat of my car with restraints attached to him, I climbed on top of my truck and leaped off. Instead of hitting the ground as you might think I would, I grabbed on to one of the low-flying Chitauri vehicles and hitched a ride.
Being a police officer, I was against killing anything, even the crazy aliens attacking the city. That’s why I tasered the two Chitauri riding the space-vehicle-thingy instead of killing them. I tossed their unconscious bodies onto the top of the nearest building so they wouldn’t fall off and die. Now, back to worrying about something that actually matters, me.
Regarding my safety, I was in a tough situation. I still couldn’t figure out how to land the dang space machine, and by now most of the two Chitauris’ friends had probably figured out that I was an imposter. Time was running out.
Just as a space vehicle filled with Chitauri had almost caught up to me, I figured out how it worked. See, the thing goes in whatever direction you are leaning, and maybe that’s why I was going in circles.
Straightening out at last, I lost the Chitauri that were trailing me. I was able to control the direction I leaned enough to successfully land on the landing of the Stark Tower that Thor and Loki were fighting on. As soon as I landed, however, Thor and Loki rolled towards the edge of the building and Loki jumped off!
Positive Loki had just jumped to his death, I rushed over to the edge of the building just in time to see him grab on to one of the Chitauri vehicles and ride away.
Turning, I saw Thor approaching me. “Young maiden, what are you doing here? This is not a place for civilians.”
I answered exasperatingly, “Oh my god! I’m, like, so tired of people asking why I’m supposed to be here! Look, I’m a police officer. My name is Officer Annabell Clark and I’m also a reporter. I am here to help fight and take notes on the Chitauri at the same time.”
“Alright, you can stay,” said Thor. “Just don’t do anything stupid, alright?”
“Believe me, I won’t,” I replied. Then we found out there was a mega huge bomb heading our way and we only had around three minutes to live.
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