What did I do to my ankle?

Alright, this is more of “what’s wrong with my ankle?” but whatever.
So yesterday, I went ice skating. I literally had no clue how to ice skate, and I fell. I landed on my ankle the wrong way, and suddenly felt nauseous, dizzy, and tired. It hurt to move the front part of my ankle, and I sat down. I could walk, but it felt as if an invisible stick was in my ankle, preventing me from moving the front part, so I kept limping with little pain if I did it right. I then sat down for about thirty minutes and got up, walking again. I felt severe pain and had to try to avoid crying. Eventually, it went away and I kept limping. This cycle continued every time I sat/laid down to rest. There’s minor swelling, but it gets numb when I rest it most of the time, and my toes sometimes can only go a more limited stretch than they could before. Today, I can still walk, but I limp and it hurts most of the time. Any idea what exactly I did?

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Answers (2)

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You either sprained it or severally damage a muscle
on March 04, 2018
I think you sprained it.
I sprained my wrist about a year ago, and I had similar symptoms.
on January 28, 2018