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someone lies to you....cut their head off...everyone has their moments every once in a while, learn to control them and not be like me....
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can it be true that someone can feel so alone and sad all at the same time...
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the ginki3
daneil got decapitated and is reborn time to find out how he can do it
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the ginki2
i hope you guys like this one as much as the others. its to the part with the creepy monster called the ginki
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scary monster my brother found, if you dont believe in her she'll do the whole jennifer's body on you and eat you
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bullying hurts
my story of my struggle with bullying, to help you overcome yours... maybe i can help you
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continuing the ginki
same thing as the ginki just kept writing it, hope you like it its really cool
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the ginki
kind of a fanasty/romance not to flashy and its pretty cool if i do say so myself
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a series of love quotes
this is not really a story but a way of living and for all those hopless romantics out there this is for you... just so you know that the most hopless love stories have made it through even the roughest things you can imagine.....
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