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who do you go for?jacob or edward?
jacob.....plse theres no competition
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why cant you have one friend who wont go behind your back to your boyfriend?
well aparently i have one loyal friend who wont go straight to my boyfriend and fuucckk him is that bad?is that to much to ask for?
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who can really define love? can it be a material?
can you really say you know the reason you fall in love. you cant fall out of it, the way you can is to stop the commitment...
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can someone really look like this, cuz apparently he can....
this man is my hero, i freaking love him....
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what will happen if you stick your finger in a light socette, will your hair look like that dudes on ancient aliens?
that dudes hair is like never brushed, im pretty sure if you tried you'd break the brush.
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what is the secret of the universe/ time continum, and the under ground weasels?
if you can figure out what this means you will blow my mind. i dont even know what it means and i made it.
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