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Teenager Posts! :D
For those awesome Teenager Posts you have no idea where to put! :D Enjoy!
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A Place to Rant and Complain
Im always seeing people complaing about other people complaing, so here you can rant or complain without worrying about having other people get annoyed by it.
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Teenage posts and Memes! :D
I made this page because I just love Memes and Teenage Posts! Feel free to post pictures! :D
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Christians of Qfeast
We are a non-denominational social group. Anyone is welcome to join who has put their faith in Jesus Christ or would like to. If you have any prayer requests, post them here! Members on this page set events for the group, and...
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Disney taught me memes
yah so I ran out of space and I wanted to post disney memes and yah f*ck descriptions
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Qfeast Roll Call
sup hoes. this is a good quality™ page i promise y'all (well it'll probs be deleted soon but that's ok with me tbh)
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That Moment When...
This is the page for all those strange, irritating, crazy and funny moments!
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Write your favourite quotes here, where it's from if you can (if you don't try look it up) who said/wrote it (if it's you then yay :) go you)
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Elleyd Fan Club
Subscribe and join coz Elleyd is bae and I've known her for like forever.. :3 Errr... when I joined Qfeast, I'm pretty sure XD
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k-pop and J-pop fan page
If you like k-pop, J-pop or even korean dramas come to this page and talk about dramas, bands, and songs.
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The Real You!
Describe what you look like in real life, Say your personality, Post a pic of yourself, Whatever you want about just you! -No phone numbers -No sharing accounts (duh everyone's gonna see the password) -No hating
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The top 10 page!
Welcome to the top 10 page! Here you can say what your top 10 favourite stuff! (Ex. Anime,Breed of animal,Books and other things) There will be themes! To become a member you need to ask! :) Please don't say inappropriate stuff...
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We love God
Those out there who love God come here for support, to post memes, quotes anything to share that you love God (anyone can become a member I just want to make sure it isn't someone who will give hate)
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The Rant Page!
We all get mad. Sometimes, we get SO mad that we just want to scream at all the idiots in the world that THEY'RE WRONG! This page is for those of us who just want to let it out. Rules: No haters. No swearing. No talking about i...
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The Period Page
Hey everybody! This is gonna be a page where you can talk about your periods and if you've gotten, it if you haven't, if you do want it! I hope you enjoy!
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Story Ideas
this is for all of those stories ideas that you have but can't write about, please ask permission if you want to use one.
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Ships rant
Rant about couples that you like or do not like of any fandom,try to specific the people why you hate/love that couple
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Unbelievable Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind
Probably the best optical illusions in the world. Fool your eyes with these cool aesthetic photos and puzzles!
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Dear fictional character...
have you ever wanted to tell a fictional character something, well heres the place for you!
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if qfeast users was ur family members...
so... i got this idea from @CamilleTheHedgehog14's post! XD XD so, if qfeast is ur family members them ur dad_, mom_, sisters_, brothers_, cousins_, etc. post hurry! i cant wait to see that!
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