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oh moon oh moon
Idk a poem about the moon and what we will do to it, kinda implying that we destroyed the earth and the moons our unwilling victim next, enjoy yay
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A creature of no harm
This little short story(belive me, it's short) is about society and the thing it has become, I am very well aware of our world, so I thought to use William Golding's 'Lord of the flies' structure of telling a fiction story, wh...
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I shall not, I can not...
Fear is with in it self, you fear someone that cannot love, cannot be happy, you fear someone who is as cold as stone.
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Just because we are different...
HELLO! This is the poem I wrote because I felt like this needs to spread around, people are taking their lives because they are different, just a note that I am new to poetry, but enjoy it very much. :)
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