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when will Qfeast become an app???!!
Ive wanted an app for qfeast since i got my phone, im always on instagram and tumblr and twitter on my phone and i dont really check qfeast much so i would like for it to become an app so we could be on it from wherever, who el...
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What fandoms are you in?
soooo, ill tell you mine ( noo particul order) Sherlock Supernatural Doctor Who Harry Potter Percy Jackson The Fault in our stars the lord of the rings/ the hobbit Mortal instruments The hunger games Also tell me your favouri...
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HELP!!! please, my bird could die of this
My 2 year old female budgie, Florence, is attacking my male, Rio, for absoloutly no reason, and my other female Heidi, once bit Florence trying to protect him, and Rio just does nothing, I got them 3 days ago, and they were hap...
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I need to know advantages, and disadvanteges with being a vegitarian!
I am thinking on becoming vegitarian, this is not just a random thought, I have been thinking about it for 3 years! I will be turning 11 in a few weeks, so I dont know if I am too young, and I know that alot of protine and iro...
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Who here is an individual poet?
I kow that I love poetry, but i dont know alot of poets, well actually I no one who enjoys writing :O So pretty pretty please with a cherry on top tell me if you are one :D Thankyou!
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What pet should i get!?
I am alowed to get a pet, ot if needed, a pair, but i need help on what type, (please, nothing slithery or anything, not that i have a problem with them, its my mum!)
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