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Knights With No Mercy
A poem I wrote recently that I would love some analysis/ opinions on. Try to guess the meaning, wonder how it could be improved, what parts do you like? Don't like? How do you interpret it?
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Sherie P. Ghim (harry potter)
What if Harry had twin by the name of Sherie, whom had lived halfway across the world with a muggle family in Korea until she gets a letter from a relative in England that wants her to move in with her. Everything goes well unt...
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Hi people! This is a draft of the story I'm writing and I need some opinions! Basically the Introduction tells you half the actual description. A girl named Sarah grey has to face life or death when the country is divided and ...
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The Traitor
this is a sample piece of something I am working on. A young Nazi soldier helps a Jewish girl though it may ruin his career or his life.
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A young girl has to be tested to see if she fits in her society, but if she is a failure she will die. She goes through many obstacles to survive, but will she?
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A summer crash
I was once a on my bike and ended up wet! if you want to find out what happened to me. feel free to read this.
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Elizabeth's ride (1)
a young girl is sent back in time and has to take Raul Revere's place in his ride
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Baako the monkey
This is a children's story I wrote about a monkey who goes to the ancient city of Timbuktu hundreds of years ago. Remember that this is a children's story. Tell me what you think!
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The books
This story was written by a friend of mine I hope you like it. You can only describe this in three words. Friendship, independence, and courage
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