Elizabeth's ride (1)

Elizabeth's ride (1)

a young girl is sent back in time and has to take Raul Revere's place in his ride

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Elizabeth's ride

Two weeks ago                        Elizabeth’s ride

    I Elizabeth Hendricks, feel the salty, wet tears slide down my face as I look at my soaking wet 18th century costume dress. I look ahead, and there is a large, black carriage with horses attached to it. Horses have always scared me since I was little, but I go to the carriage anyway to see if I can find out who it belongs too.

    I climb into the backseat and am thrown back into the chair as the carriage starts moving. I look ahead and see her. The girl I have had dreams about, at the reins, heading towards a brick wall. We hit the surface of the wall and I am now in a dimly lit street and not inside the carriage.

    I walk to a tavern just down the street. I open the door and walk inside and make my way to a table with three men playing cards.

    “May I sit?”

I ask as I observe the men. All of this is extremely confusing, the women here are wearing the same type of outfit I am.

    “ Alright, if you wish.” A paleish man answers. He is almost too skinny.

    Another man looks vaguely familiar to me, as though I know him from somewhere. His eyes are a deep hazel nut brown and his hair is a brownish color. He has broad shoulders.         “ May I inquire your name?,” I ask the gentleman.

He looks at me with a quizative look and nods his head.

    “Paul” He replies.  

    “ May I also ask what year it is?”

This time you’ve really done it. I hear that little person in my head say.

    “ This is the year of our Lord, seventeen-hundred and seventy five.”

I let out a small gasp and feel myself fall to the floor and all goes dark.


    Paul Revere lays upon the floor at the base of the stairs. He starts to develop a purple lump on his head since he fell down. Good he’s alive.

    “ I have to take his place.” I say as I immediately pull my black hair back into a ponytail.

    “But, you can’t Elizabeth!” Prescott exclaims as I grab a black, wool riding cloak with red in the inside. I feel the rough surface touch my skin as I walk out the front door.

    “ You can’t Elizabeth, you are afraid of horses.” He says.

    “Like I don’t know that!” I say back, practically shouting in his face.

    “Me being here has changed everything! and if I don’t go, the warning may not be delivered!” I finish.

    I realize now that I can be stubborn and ill tempered. I walk across the cobblestone street and to the shore.

“If the British march By land or sea from the town to-night,Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the North Church tower as a signal light,--One if by land, and two if by sea;”

Says that little voice in my head.

    I look at the tower but see no such signal yet, so with muffled oar, silently row to the charlestown shore. I feel myself start to tremor as we grow closer to the massive ship of the british. I look at the old north church and see a glimmer then a gleam of light, then a second lamp in the belfry burns.

    I reach the shore opposite of the church. I lose my thought process as I see a magnificent brown horse. The two men who are with me help me up onto the horse. I grab the reins and feel the blood drain from my face. I look out across the water in Boston harbor and notice how the moon is unusually low in the sky tonight. The horse goes into a steady trot as we move down the dirt road. I flick the reigns and make us gallop at a faster pace. My hair flies in the wind giving me a vague sense of freedom.

    An hour passes and I reach Medford town, I hear the crowing of the rooster as I ride past and the distinct sound of dogs barking fill my ears from a distance.

    “The Regulars are coming!” I yell as I ride through. I scream it over and over again as loud as I can until I see candlelight shine through multiple homes and then I am off to the next town.

    Another hour passes as I ride on into lexington. I see the old weather vane swim in the moonlight as I pass. All the windows are black, and bare. I once again scream the saying of Paul Revere.The dim lights shine through windows and the farmers load their rifles.

As I ride off down the road.

    Another hour passes as I ride over the bridge into Concord town. I fear that soon fate will take hold and I will be captured by the regulars.The name Regulars always confused me, it doesn't make sense that the british soldiers are called that. I once again scream about the regulars and all of the town will awaken.

(If you like this story I will make an ongoing serious ) to be continued...
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